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    Hey everyone my name is Billy. :waving: I am currently a groundskeeper for a school district where I have been working for 4 years. At the school district I am responsible for maintaining 16 athletic fields and 7 schools (with a little help of course). Before that I was a landscaping supervisor for 5 years (I am only 26 years old). I came across this forum not to long ago and have already found some wonderful information. I am planning on starting up my own weed and pest control spray business in the spring of 2014. I have already purchased a spray rig but still have a long ways to go and was hoping to gain some more knowledge through this forum. Please bear with me as I will be asking a lot of questions!!
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    I sugest the first step is getting your state spray application license. Please study the materials you are thnking of using. Never like to hear "weed and pest control " in the same sentance. Compatiblity can be a big poroblem. For that reason we sell spray equipment with two pumps, two motors and two hose reels.
    Wishing you the best of luck in your new endeavor.
    Tom Duffy Sherrilltree
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    I do have my applicators license and the rig I purchased has 2 tanks, 2 motors and pumps, and 2 hose reels.
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