My NEW and IMPROVED company LOGO!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by XOFMOT, Jun 20, 2001.


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    Hot off the computer!

    I was just playing around this evening and was looking at my logo...HMMMM I said to my wife and my self..By looking at it all it is is a name with a cartoon character replacing a letter. So we thought that if we are going to be concentrating on lawn care need to at least add a lawnmower, grass and maybe a we did!

    Let me know what you think!

    Thank you LAWNSITE.COM!

  2. LoneStarLawn

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    To be honest I liked it the way it was before....but I understand what you are trying to do.

    Our logo as well does not implicate grass or lawns within the logo itself..

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  3. 1MajorTom

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    You are really creative, and I like what you've showed us so far, but honestly, I think the first logo is better.

    I understand the look you are trying to achieve, but the red and the green combined like that especially with that tree look too Christmas-ish.

    When you say this is your logo, what is it going to be used for?
    Your company letterhead? On your truck?
    Do you plan on scaling it down some?
  4. Jason_S

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    I don't care for your FOX design. You should come up with something similar to the dirtbike shock manufacturer FOX, I like the cutting-edge and new look that it has.
  5. Runner

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    Sorry, ME here again. I can appreciate the work you have put into it, but whatever you you end up with, do NOT use a pushmower on it. This gives the impression that this IS your equipment - limited. Afterall, you never see an excavator with a logo of a guy hand shoveling dirt into a wheelbarrow do you? Also, if you DO use some sort of mower, do not have it going over flowers. :rolleyes: Also, you somehow ended up with another tree in bad need of trimming. Try to go with a sharper image for your letter style. Sorry, just trying to help.:)
  6. Fine Lines Lawn

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    Beautiful logo, but I agree with eliminating the push mower.
  7. Rooster

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    I agree with Fine Lines Lawn and Runner about the lawnmower. Besides that I think it looks GREAT!

    Good Luck!!!
  8. Vibe Ray

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    Dude, I think it looks awesome!!! I would remove the push mower and either leave it blank or put something else there. Also you really should remove the flowers and put some grass there, I would like to see it after you finish.
  9. TheMom

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    Sorry to inform you, but the Fox logo you have come up with matches nearly exactly with an existing company, Fox Racing Gear. You may want to re-think your game plan, as Fox Racing has been in business for decades and their logo is well known.

    Don't be too disappointed, though... when I began my own typesetting business, I thought and thought about a name, and finally came up with Typographics. When I went to register it, the lady said with a sigh, "Oh no, another one?" :eek:

    What's wrong with XOFMOT?

  10. TheMom

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    Also, the variation with a foxtail coming out of the O has been done.

    You could just put the FOX part of it in really cool lettering, readable from a distance, and then if you really wanted to include the animal, you could put him on a mower in the graphics part of your setup.

    The fox could become your mascot, and if you wanted to do some clever advertising he could be your spokesman. For instance, he could be named... well, Tom. You could do 4 different campaigns each year, beginning with, "Tom Fox says... " Then plug in something appropriate for the time of year, like, "It's time to fertilize and treat your lawn before the weeds get started. Call Tom for a free estimate."

    Just a thought. Or two.


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