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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by Turf Tech, Mar 2, 2010.

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    No offense taken. I might have some bridging issues. If I do I will modifty it to fix that problem. I had thought of that, and I have a few solutions in mind. I didnt have a chance to test this week but hopefully on monday. I appreciate the feedback with your experience. I would pull that bin out that you built and see if it works with compost.
  2. Turf Tech

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    Well If it works like I hope it does I thought of building and selling a few a year and wanted to be able to charge the highest price as possible so I had to go with John Deere green.:)
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    Great setup and nice fab work!

    I cheat and use the 8yd sand hoppers that the State trucks put in the back of their dump trucks. After unbolting the spreader attachment it is much like yours.

    I prefer the Earth and turf 100sp over the Eco lawn btw. (less cleanup and more precise and even application)

    What are you charging per 1,000sqft?

    I'm at about $100 per K which includes aeration seeding and topdressing.
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    If it bridges you need to build a little roof like structure \ ^ / above the conveyor so the material flows in from each side.
  5. Turboguy

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    Actually Quackgrass those inverted v's are designed to take the weight off the drag chain or conveyer and wouldn't help a bridging problem, might even make it worse.

    When we were playing with our unit we considered vibrators and running something like eco lawn has at the back of thier unit except running over the conveyer about where the inverted v would be in your suggestion.
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    The inverted V has been removed from the newer salt spreader. I can only assume because it made the bridging worse. Since they removed them I have not had that problem with salt.

    I think Turboguy is got the idea. Why not install and "auger" which would go in the place of the inverted V, I would think something along the lines of a 2" solid rod with 6" or so tines welded on would do the trick. Put bearings at either end, have the rod come thru the front of the hopper, put a sprocket on the end and then set up the conveyer with a sprocket on one side and have a chain take the energy from the conveyer to turn the "auger". I think this would solve all bridging problems if there were any.
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    I charge 30 per k for just topdressing. I charge extra for overseeding and aeration . I am using a inverted v in the bottom but only in sections to limit load on the belt
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    very impressive
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    Put the trailer to work today and got some good testing out of it. I had a customer that wanted to install 6 raised garden beds. He purchased garden bed kits that were 4x8 and 18" tall. I picked up a load of topsoil compost blend from a local source 9 cy. We constructed two of the bins and backed the trailer in place over the bins and started unloading. Each bin holds about 1.5 cy of material. It took 3 min to fill the whole bin. We spent about 40 min total constructing the bins and filling them with the 9 yards of soil. I was pretty please with the performance of the unloader.

    I did have some bridging issues though. It just took a push with a shovel to get it to the belt but it went really fast even having to move a little material with the shovel. I am thinking that a vibrator of some sort to move the soil should work. I have seen these vibrators that are 12v used on salt spreaders. Does anyone have any experience with these? They seem a little small so I may have to build a vibrator to get the material moving. The agitator works really well. It kicks back any clumps until they are busted into small enough pieces to go thru the blades. They has worked better than expected. Here are a few videos to look at.
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    that is toooo slick

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