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    Up north here due to the climate and road salt vehicles tend to rot out pretty fast and it's a lot more densely populated so we probably don't put as many miles on. I've got 48k miles on my 2003 truck and it's used year-round. I don't think I'd ever reach the break even point on the cost of a diesel truck over a gasser. And what's the point of having an engine that will last 3 times as long as the truck it's in? Where I am it's not like diesel is on every corner either. Yes, there are people who run diesel trucks here, but it's not very common.
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    I'm from Maine but live in Texas now. With undercoating and care the newer trucks are a lot better then the trucks of the 80's and prior. At about 100K you recover your $7600 investment on the Diesel and start to save money. The resale value is going to usually be an easy 5K higher even with a bunch of miles on the truck. If you think about the resale value your paying $2600 extra and you'll get that money back after only about 35000 miles.

    The thing I don't understand is buying a commercial size 3/4 ton or one ton truck without an engine to match. It's like your buying a heavy duty truck with a factory installed muzzle.

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    Ok man we get the ******* point! You like diesel. Not everyone likes diesel and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Personally I'd take a Chevy with a 350 in it over a diesel any day, but that's just my opinion. Diesel for most lcos is a waste of money because most gas engines now last a good 200,000 miles with just regular maintenance. So if a truck last for 10 years that's not to bad.
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  4. Darryl G

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    If I was towing/hauling heavy all the time I'd consider a diesel. When I bought my truck the Duramax/Allison combo was $6K extra and I just couldn't justify it at the end of my first season in business. Buying a new truck at that point was a stretch as it was.

    My 2500 HD gasser hauls and tows what it needs to no problem. It's more common for construction and excavation contractors to have diesels here, not LCOs.

    There is also the issue of hanging a 1,000 pound plow on the front of a diesel.

    Anyway, he's got a nice new dump there and I'm sure he'll be adding some sideboards to it. I live in the next town over from him so maybe I'll be able to check it out in person some time.
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    Gas , Diesel what the F&&^%^CK ever nice new truck. My pants are wet !!
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    Where's the fuel savings? Buddy with an 2011 Dodge cummings is getting 10 to 12 mpg towing. With my 09 Chev 6.0 gas I'm getting 10 mpg, and I have the heavier foot. With diesel being about a dollar higher in our area where is the savings? Also if you add maintaince which the diesel costs more (especially out of warranty) there is no savings.

    Resale? With diesel being a dollar higher the resale you are talking about is not there. Resale is in the eye of the purchaser not the seller. Meaning I'm not going to pay more for a diesel, you may but I don't see the value.

    The buddy with the 2011 dodge cummings is looking at trading in his 06 dodge cummings for a 2011 dodge gas since he doesn't see the savings to recoup the extra for the diesel.
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    I think a lot of people end up in your situation where it's a stretch just buying a new truck. My first truck was a 360 gasser 1/2 ton back in 99' for the same reason. People have different logic for why they have a 1/2 ton engine in a HD truck and I always like to hear the rational behind the purchase.

    Apparently some other people believe there is some unwritten forum rule that all people want to see on new truck threads are the same few simple comments posted 1000 times over. God forbid someone actually post something of substance and try to engage in some form of educated business discussion.
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    I have a 4x4 dually with aftermarket bumpers and a leveling kit that all hurt aerodynamics and MPG's. My truck is DPF deleted and on a 400 mile trip I hand calculated I pulled down 17.65 MPG's. A gasser would be lucky to push a 7500 lb truck and get 10 mpg. The cost difference between gas and Diesel is only about 15% here ($3.20 versus $3.69). At a minimum my fuel expenses per mile are 25% lower then what a gasser could ever achieve. This is simple factual math and not opinion.

    Hook up a heavy trailer to a gasser and the cost per mile advantage of the Diesel will improve to be 40% or more. Even businesses like FedEx and UPS use Diesels for simple delivery trucks because the bean counters quickly see the savings.

    Resale value is fact as well. Look in any blue book. Down south buying a gasser HD is resale suicide especially if it is a Ford or Dodge. The exceptions to the rule are the Fords with the 6.0 and to a lesser extent the 6.4. Poor Ford guys.
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    We are both pulling 22ft trailers with about the same amount of equipment. Guessing trailers are within 1000lbs. His Dodge gets 10 to12mpg pulling his trailer. I get 9.5 to 10.5 mpg with the 6.0gas. Those are facts, stock vehicles (no deletes/no programers/etc).

    Diesel was up to $4.19 two weeks ago and now is $3.99 or so. Gas is $3.09 to $3.19. Do the math on that.

    Blue book is a guide. Depending on the person buying them. If diesel is above $4/gal it hurts the resale. Ownership costs of the diesel are higher also.

    I have owned both. For my operation gas is simpler, easier to maintain, easy on the truck (wieght), does not overload the front end with a plow. I have never ran out of power with my 6.0 gas, just traction.
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    we all live in different regions as well. I would assume the diesel power is not as nessassary in flat Florida, but a must around the rocky mountains. my gas trucks were fine on flat ground, hurting up hills. my diesels are much better pulling a load up steap grade. and them my F550 with 4.88's (or 5.88's i forget) is still a dog

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