My NEW eXmark Lazer Z X-Series with RED technology

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by TLS, May 11, 2013.

  1. TLS

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    Oh, and I've had watches double sided taped to my mowers since the mid 80's.

    I don't carry my iPhone on me while mowing.

    Time is money. I'm constantly needing to keep count of both!
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  2. LifeBack Lawns

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    I just wear a watch on my wrist, but I understand if you don't want the forever watch (white band on the tan arm). Rpms, what should they be at or about? I have never had this on a mower, but I am interested in it and how to diagnose problems via it.
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  3. TLS

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    I had issues as a kid getting a poison ivy clipping under a watch...What a mess.

    RPM's...depends on the engine.

    I've seen manufacturer specs of: 3800, 3750, 3650, and 3600.

    Bottom line, you really don't want to drop below 3600 while cutting.

    I've seen 3570 for a split second...Other than that, it recovers instantly back to 3650. I've seen 3730 going down a hill.

    The RED really isn't as "TIGHT" with RPM's as I thought it would be. I guess a little cushion/smoothing is better for economy.

    As for diagnosing problems...If I notice any variances in RPM, I know something is up. With this E-Gov though, it may mask things a bit more as it will probably do everything possible to maintain RPM's, even with worn plugs, clogged air filter, etc.
  4. plc87

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    TLS - Do you still really like the RED technology? I'm just a little worried about it being first year technology. I still think I am going to be ordering a new Lazer Z X series with the 34 kohler and RED on Monday I believe. I also was going back and forth between the hustler HD and the exmark. basically the same price and I liked the exmark quite a bit better.
  5. mtmower

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    PLC87, Could you elaborate on what you liked better about the X vs. the HD and visa versa? Pulling the trigger soon myself and looking for all the info and opinions I can find.

    So far:

    Control panel

    RED EFI = hp and gph
    Possibly better clippings - haven't demoed
  6. plc87

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    pros for HD:
    extreme heavy duty
    Clippings dispersal in NORMAL grass conditions was good.

    GAS HOG, this was one of the deal breakers for me.
    Weight was roughly 300lbs heavier than lazer.
    Extremely touchy hydros. When I would hit a big bump it would effect my steering. However I have heard of people that like the responsiveness.
    The deck dribbled grass in a line when in thick grass and even when deck was completely clean.
    Wasnt as good on hills as the lazer.

    Pros for Exmark
    Overall i just thought the mower was better.
    Better clippings dispersal. Didnt throw quite as far but it spread clippings better and cut them up much better. With hustler it spits out the whole blade of grass.
    This is what I REALLY liked about the Lazer. Less blowing clippings with backpack blower.
    I didnt think it scalped quite as much as Vx4 deck and cut quality was better but not significantly that I could tell.

    Fuel efficiency and power of 34 EFI was awesome. I cut two foot tall grass that had gone to seed and it took two passes due to the seed stalks but it spread the grass out even over the entire field. Engine didnt bog down once that I could tell and I TRIED to bog it down!

    I'm a just a hair worried about the new RED technology so i'm goinng out on a little limb there. My dealer is supposed to be checking on replacement price of the Red system if it craps out down the road, will find out monday.

    Less warranty
    Handheld brake, hustlers sure is nice!
    I didnt notice it but heard that in wet grass it clumps a little more than hustler.

    I was quoted 13.4 for lazer z x series with red 34 efi kohler. Talked them into giving me 500 off so down to 12.9 plus tax.

    price was very similar to HD, basically the same if I remember right.

    I demoed the HD for 10 hours and the lazer for 5.

    hope taht answers some of your questions. My pros and cons are all over the place but you get the idea lol
  7. GMLC

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    PLC you need to talk to greenology about the touchy hydros. He would get whiplash over bumps. Everyone told him it was operator error. He insisted it was the machine. He will be happy someone else feels the hydros are to sensitive.
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  8. mtmower

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    Thanks! Pretty much right on on all accounts so far with me except my opinion on the HD hydros. I think they're butter but than again I guess it really depends what your used too:)
  9. puppypaws

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    What about the ride difference, I don't believe it possible for a mower 12" shorter and 300 lbs lighter to ride anywhere close in comparison, as a matter of fact I know it to be impossible...What is your thoughts on the ride difference?

    The hydro's have got to be a difference in what a person has been use to over the years, there is no smoother or higher quality built ztr hydraulics manufactured today than the Super Z's HyperDrive system. I can operate my 72" Super Z with one hand while mowing, but the flex forks remove a great deal of the bumps that may have given you a problem. I would say the jerkiness needs to be associated with what the operator is, or is not use to, there is no better hydraulic dampeners than those on a Super Z. I will admit, hydraulic-wise other mowers do feel sluggish in comparison.

    MT will verify there is no better hydraulic operation than that of the new (or old for that matter) Hustler Super Z, really nothing even close.
  10. mtmower

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    THIS is what's pizzing me off! To have to look at other mowers! With bad knees, bad back and neck, and a week mind:dizzy:, I need the ride! Especially with all the hours I'm putting on a day solo! Slap the RED and a 6series or 7 iron on that HD!!! COME ON HUSTLER!!!! We know it can be done. I hate to do it but if I can sell my XR out right or trade it in and not loose my shirt (and pants), I may have to buy the HD and a Cheetah or a HD and a Lazer just to cover my cutting issues!?!?! Ridiculous! Two different colors on a trailer!! Then to have to deal with two manufacturers and stock two different sets of parts etc.........:dizzy::hammerhead::dizzy::cry:
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