My NEW eXmark Lazer Z X-Series with RED technology

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by TLS, May 11, 2013.

  1. grassman177

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    NICE, def get some mow pics, and fuel numbers. i like what they are thinking, and maybe toro wil follow suit
  2. Mickhippy

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    Nice of you to say buddy and I agree, vid is next best thing to being there!
    This machine looks great and that seat... WANT IT!

    Anyway...... subscribed!
  3. TLS

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    Yeah, the seat sure is awesome. I look at it this way. I've always progressively moved up to better and better seats through the years. I didn't realize it until now.

    1968 Cub Cadet 125 - fiberglass pan bolted to frame. Covered in about a 1/2" of foam, then white vinyl. Thank god I was only 90lbs back then!

    1986 John Deere 318's - decent standard JD tractor seat. Was mounted with 2 C shaped steel straps to make it give a little

    1993 John Deere F-935's - actually a very complex suspension seat. Welded, and eventually replaced the suspension as trailer riding shook the thing apart. Seat itself wasn't very soft

    1997 Dixie Chopper Flatlander - standard seat. Not the best padding. But with the ATV low pressure tires, easily the best ride yet.

    2001 eXmark Lazer liquid Cooled - 1st gen Michigan suspension seat. My but was happy, but the absense of the ATV tires made it a wash.

    2006 Hustler SuperZ - 2nd gen Michigan suspension seat. Finally softer padding and a nicer bounce. When I added the Flex-Seat it was amazing!

    I really didn't think I could get better. Didn't think the Flex-Seat combo could be topped. Well I have to say I was wrong. The new eXmark seat is amazing, the isolators really take away the slap and vibrations. If you have back/neck problems, this is the mower for you!

    As far as technology goes. I welcome it! I it makes my life easier and more efficient, I'm on board!
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  4. GMLC

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    Congrats!!! I agree, seat technology and isolated platforms are where its at right now. IMO the less vibration to the operator the better and the less deck movement the better for cut quality.
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  5. TLS

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    No other options. I was thinking about the striping roller, but figured I'd try it first. Think I might skip it. The light kit bolts to the ROPS, which is now gone. I'm thinking of finding a small flashing LED light for the rear. The rear, being all black really is hard to see on roadsides. I don't want to add a SMV sign as it would hinder airflow for cooling.

    Deck cuts great. The better the lawn, the better the cut. Kind of opposite than the XR-7. Dispersal is great. Nice having smaller clippings coming out! I can actually smell the grass more!

    I never used Flex-Forks, just the seat. I'll tell you, I'm no fan of eXmarks' flat free casters. A set of nice air filled Carlisle's would be great! We'll see.

    Lack of speed is t that noticeable. The better acceleration wins over here. Plus, this deck can't handle mowing at speed like the open front Hustlers.

    The machine feels much more compact. Visibility is WAY better -all around. Trimmability is greatly improved with the offset deck.
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  6. TLS

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    There is no need for a deck lift handle. The foot lift is very easy...almost too easy. Might have to adjust that as I get some bounce with it on bumps.

    I never really looked at the website about the cc listing. It would be silly to have 940, 980, and 999 cc's though. I'm left wondering my true HP though as Kohlers website doesn't even list an ECV 940!

    I kinda think those fuel breather lines are important. I won't be unhooking them, that's for sure! I'd love to re-route them in some 2" PVC maybe. We'll see how obtrusive that single ROPS base becomes. I might use it as a light bracket.
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  7. TLS

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    I'm trying to see which way to go with an OCDC now. EZ Chute never returned my email. I was between TheDirector, EZ Chute, and PowerChuteDesign. Just like mowers there are pros and cons of each.
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  8. Ridin' Green

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    I believe that is just a misprint on their site, probably by some low level employee. The 940 and 980 are basically engine model numbers, not CC's. Go to Kohler's site and look at the carbed version of the 940. Iit says 999 CC's. It's just like it is with Kawi engines. The FX751, 801, and 850 are all the same engine block/CC's- 852. Just different carbs set-ups on them. Same with the FX921 and FX1000- 999 CC's.
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  9. Green-Man

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    Such a nice mower man! Congrats! Let no one use it.
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  10. TLS

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    I'm always my own operator...

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