My NEW eXmark Lazer Z X-Series with RED technology

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by TLS, May 11, 2013.

  1. TLS

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    Hope this rain slows a bit! Getting things cut for the 4th just flew out the window!

    Sure glad I now have the horsepower and high processing deck to get things back in shape as soon as the rains stop!
  2. puppypaws

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    This is where a mower with that extra power pays big dividends...Glad you are enjoying a machine that makes your life easier.
  3. JContracting

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    Looks like we have very similar setups at the moment, exmark lazers & scag wb's and red GM trucks. Is your scag a 36" also?
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  4. TLS

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    No, it's a 48"
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  5. mtmower

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    Finally got to demo an X. Things I found that maybe you could give your opinions on since you now have more saddle time. Let me know if I'm way off in left field or if there are things to due to change items.

    The biggest thing which was odd to me was the cut didn't seem quite as clean as my SZ. This was not what I was expecting at all to say the least. I thought of all decks it would be the cleanest. I would get a stinger or grouping, esp if at higher speeds. I was cutting at 3.25" on a brand new mower with .4 hrs on it. By no means was it bad and unless you were comparing it side to side and were as picky as me. Again it was not bad by any means. This was on three different properties.

    Clipping dispersal was very very good compared to my XR7 on dry grass.

    Seat looks good and absorbed movement decent. Very soft foam. Almost too soft? No seat adjustment for rear back support?!?!? Bad back needs this. Front to rear adjustment not terrific. Wife would have liked to be forward a little more a 5'7" for pedal operation.

    Had a little wheel spin on uneven ground while turning. Tire psi set at 12 psi.

    Nice, fast, acceleration. Hydro were completely different. Stiffer (did not try adjusting) and more sensitive. It was hard to run a straight line on the first property. After some use I adjusted. SZ felt sluggish after. Didn't miss the speed as much as I thought I would on the short tests but I'm sure there would be a handful of times that I would.

    Ride is poorer than the SZ by quite a bit without pneumatics and FFs which is to be expected.

    EFI EFI EFI. SZ 2.0 gph carb only option.

    It is taller than my XR7 and only about 1-1.5" shorter than a SZ HD. But the ROPS are much much better for clearance when folded down then the SZ which are still up there in the air. Mute issue for me because they'd be coming off anyway.

    Decent deck assist and deck height setting.

    Would need to get use to no throttle. The demo of course didn't have an OCDC on it so out of habit I tried throttling down several times near beds and things only to grab air where the handle should be.

    Nicely shaped anti scalp wheels for turf.

    Carlisle rear tires.:clapping:

    Overall a nice looking machine.
  6. TLS

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    Glad to hear you were able to run one!

    Cut: The UC deck is and never was a high-speed deck. The front skirt knocks it over too far. It's much better cut at 6mph than it is at 10-12mph. Blades are far from sharp when new. This deck is and has always been a sharp blade deck. It all depends on the grass conditions...right now with all the rain and high temps here, things aren't cutting nearly as good as they were a month ago.

    Yes, it is odd that there is no seat-back angle adjustment. I fit so good in it, it must be where "my" sweetspot is and where I had it on the SuperZ (I never changed mine on the SuperZ)

    I have no adjustment problems fore and aft, but I found it hard to pull sticks back in reverse with seat all the way up. I lowered my sticks, and tilted them forward.

    Was ROPS up or down? I removed the weight plate and my ROPS and it is absolutely perfect. I can climb straight up the steepest hills and still keep casters on grass, yet I can come down the same hill...stop, and actually reverse back up it. Cant do that with many ZTR's. And I couldn't do that with the factory ROPS and weight plate on it.

    Ride is very rough with the flat free casters. I'm getting used to it, but something does need to be done with this. I agree 100%

    It probably is a little taller then your SuperZ, mine had the flex seat, so I'm actually riding lower than I did on my SuperZ. The flex seat raised up the seat a couple inches.

    Had mine mud bogging yesterday afternoon. Got out without getting boots muddy, but I got mud everywhere! (Crap lawn anyway) This thing floats over mud that my SuperZ just dug into and would get stuck. The deck raises VERY high as that was what usually caught the SuperZ and stopped it!
  7. Mickhippy

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    Pics, we need pics!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. mtmower

    mtmower LawnSite Bronze Member
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    My comment on the sticks was more to do with the resistance. Really stiff compared to SZ. Was going to try adjusting to the lighter hole but didn't have all the tools needed to perform the switch. That and it's way touchy or more responsive than a SZ.

    I had the ROPS up for about the first lap of the first property then I took it down. I was pleasantly surprised as to how good the clearance was with it in the down position.

    The HD SZ ROPS are way to high in the down position. Caught a guide wire on a big tower antenna at the Border Patrol up here. Pulled a wheelie, pulled both stakes part way out of the ground which were T posts driven all the way in till only about 8" stuck out of the ground and probably yanked the third cable attached to the buildings roof. Adrenaline was high to say the least.

    These ROPS for the most part are more of a danger than a safety device IMO
  9. dathorpe

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    mtmower, some of the things you mention are classic Exmark traits.

    The deck - the ultra cut deck does do a great job at lower speed but I agree with TLS, it is not a high speed deck. It's just not designed for speed. That deck makes Exmark an excellent choice for walk behinds in my opinion, the lower speed, but I don't know if I'll ever buy another Lazer. Though, I must admit, I am intrigued by RED technology. It's the reason I follow this thread. I'm curious as to what the gph will be for these machines.

    On the wheel spin - both the Exmarks and Toros seem to be more susceptible to wheel spin. They both have very rapid acceleration in the hydros which lends itself to potential spin out. If you are a solo operator, you eventually get used to this and you account for it. But with employees, it can be an issue because they are not going to be as careful as you.

    Jerky controls - if you are used to Scag, Hustler, or JD, the controls on the Exmark will feel jerky at first but just like the hydros... you'll get used to them. I actually laughed when you mentioned having a hard time holding a straight line when you started mowing with the Lazer because that's exactly how it is.

    Every machine has it's pros and cons, I guess, and there's no doubt that Exmark does make some fine equipment.
  10. Kelly's Landscaping

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    Had my 2 new lazer x models about a week now. We got the red tech on both my partner got the 60 and I got my first 72. What a beast 38 hp shes 9.5 feet long with the trac vac and the cut is everything you come to expect from exmark. That size isn't for the faint of heart. It isn't saving me a lot of time on the bagging lawns but the ones I can let fly it cuts the time down majorly. Now this week my employee has played sick all week so we have had some time for solo mowing with them. I can't ***** about 18 and 19 lawn days solo.

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