My NEW eXmark Lazer Z X-Series with RED technology

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by TLS, May 11, 2013.

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    A light deck lift! I love the way Hustler builds their decks crazy strong but my 66" SZ with all the added baffles and the striper is crazy hard to lift. I had considered adding a mulch kit this year:hammerhead::cry::dizzy: to battle my clippings. Wife can lift it once maybe twice then she's done. Because I fly I have to feather the deck and my leg aches and my foot goes numb. I've adjusted the spring tension almost as tight as it will go. Don't have to worry about deck bounce on this one.

    Same as you I didn't see a listing on the Kohler web site.

    I'm with you on the breather lines are a must. I was just thinking a guy could unhook them to remove the rest of the ROPS and find another sweet place for them to go.

    The light kit is a no go for me also due to the disappearing ROPS. They are handy though so I may install my own somewhere out of the way up front. Hadn't given much thought to the rear but I can see your concern. I only need them in the early spring or late fall. Out hear it's already staying light till 9:30 and will be light around 10:00 or later at the longest so as much as I like to make money I need to shut her down so I'm not disturbing people too late. I have a couple of properties that are empty or far enough out that it's not a problem.
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    Can't see how the EZ operates but would like to. Any $#s?

    TD might take a little getting use to to find the position without looking. Still a little pricey at $240.00 IMO

    I've run the PC and it is so nice not having to free a hand up to operate but the are expensive ($350.00) and somewhat delicate IMO. I've replaced three motors already at $35 a pop. Mangled it once on impact but she straightened out nicely.
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    My issue with the PoweChute on the 60" Ultra-Cut is that they clock the motor up to avoid the pulley covers. On my XR-7, I notched the pulley cover so the motor laid flat against the deck. If he would just make the motor mount a little further forward on the deck, it could lay down.

    I really liked my old Director on my old Lazer. When it's up, it goes over center and is totally out of the way. The mount post used to get brushed by trees, but that deck stuck out a bit on the discharge side. On these new Lazers, the deck is offset, so the discharge side is tucked in further.
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    Did you get a chance to see what the Exmark OCDC is like, how it operates, and $s?
  5. TLS

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    The eXmark only opens 90° or so...Straight out. Designed to work under the factory chute.

    The PowerChute opens only 180° or so, but the EZ Chute and Director open over center 220° or so.
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    Get some more pictures around the mower and all the intregal parts at a distance they can be clearly seen.

    I like the layout from what I can see, and I'm really interested in what the engine offers from a power and fuel standpoint.

    I will say from looking at the new Exmark mowers, and I think you will agree, they are not built remotely close in strength to that of a Hustler Super Z.
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    I'll get more pictures soon.

    As far as power's got it. While it's not spinning 21cc pumps, it is spinning 16cc pumps and they really gave the smaller 29Kawi (850cc) on the demo a run for it's money!

    As far as strength....I'll have to rescind some of my earlier comments about Hustler being built tougher.

    The Lazer is no slouch on it's own. I like the tapered roller bearings in the caster arm and caster wheels (something Hustler should have always had). Interference tightening ball bearings just never sat well for me.

    The deck is very well constructed. They made a lot of improvements from my older Ultra-Cut (2001 era).

    Caster forks and deck skirts are just as beefy as the Hustler. And after driving a 2009 Lazer demo with 1400hrs, I can say I'll like how it ages! This demo was a trade-in and you could tell it wasn't taken care of either.

    I like the adjust-ability of the deck hangers as future wear can be corrected.

    I hate to be a band-wagon jumper, but when others said the Hustler was TOO overbuilt, they may have been right. I now own a lighter, more nimble, better trimmability, better visiblity, ZTR that is built commercial tough.

    Fearing the dreaded running out of fuel in one side tank (Hustler EFI guys know what I'm talking about) is no longer an issue.

    Like I said, as far as fuel goes... I put 4.0hours on and only 2 ticks down on the gauge (8 ticks E------F). I think a normal carbed big block would have used 8 gallons, when I estimate I used maybe 4 gallons? I will be keeping track of G/hr for sure!

    The once a season greasing will be a time saver as well.

    Speed wise, it's not a 15mph machine. But is is able to accelerate much faster and without RPM loss. Hills are now friendly, not nail biting hoping not to cook the hydros.

    As far as the E-Gov...It's basically an electric actuator connected to the throttle blade. Fly by wire like most cars built today. You can see if move if your looking back there and moving the throttle switch on the dash.

    Engine primary pipes are large...1.5" (just a guess) that separately go into the muffler which exhausts out the REAR of the mower, not cooking nearby trees like the Hustler did.
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    Good man
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    Awesome machine, Ill probably buy one next season, let em work any bugs out of the new system first.
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    I can't find it right off the bat but I read a recent sales report still showing Exmark selling more mowers either nationally or it may have beenworld wide.
    Something like 58% sticks in my mind. Then Scagg came in second. I think Hustler was 4th and so on.

    I've got a good close friend that is a solo operator and his wife works with him. Brother helps out part time during heavy seasonal times. I have to give him credit for getting me into this fine lifestyle:hammerhead: He has run Exmarks for probably 16-17 years and just bought another one two weeks ago. Has about six Lazer Xs. He errors on the safe side and bought a 29 carb. Kaw because he didn't wan't to risk the new tech and has had a few and has been happy with them. He's a little light when it comes to his maintenance. He replaced at least one Kaw with the valve train prob. under warranty but that was not Exmarks fault. Claims he's never had a spindle, caster, hydro, or wheel pump failure to date and has at least one with over 3000 hrs. on the clock and has never serviced the hydro system once.

    They must have the strength were it counts and cut weight when they can or you'd certainly hear about it on here if they were failing strength wise.

    I've hit things with my SZ deck that no one should hit on any mower and it is still operational which I'm sure would have damaged other mowers to the point of putting it out of operation. But that was once in 12 years. So is over built helpful? Yes, but not necessary in most normal situations.

    I guess what I'm saying is IMO the company has withstood the test of time and is on the cutting edge with this new tech. They wouldn't be this far along if they'd cut corners or offered a inferior product.

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