My NEW eXmark Lazer Z X-Series with RED technology

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by TLS, May 11, 2013.

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    I just got off the phone with Exmark, I told him I was questioning how well the hydraulics were being cooled when dropping 400 rpm's and the mower is cutting in 100°+ weather. He told me he would get me their test information of temperatures and failure points and email it to me.

    He guaranteed me there was no mower manufacturer in the country with the sophisticated test facilities Exmark has, and he had been in the business a very long time.

    He also told me they were seeing what one would consider excessive oil usage during the break-in period, moreso with the 38 than the 34. He said a person may see in excess of 2 oz. per hr., and it scared people to death, but after 50 hrs. (but sometimes longer) the oil consumption fell off considerably, sometimes to almost no usage.

    Exmark is getting tremendous feedback from the end users on the New Red technology, with most saying they cannot believe the power and the unbelievable fuel economy.
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    I was wondering that as well. You'd think less rpm, the less cooling and more stressing the hydro system. Ive been told several times by very knowledgeable mechanics to run the engine (kawi and the old 28efi Kohler) at full revs at all times.

    Exmark have obviously tested it but just makes me wonder how they've sorted it.
    Time will tell if or when there are any overheating related problems, I hope none for everyones sake!

    What about blade tip speed, revs are associated with that as well.
  3. TLS

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    The three position switch does different things depending on if the blades are engaged or not.

    With blades engaged:

    MAX = 3650rpm

    EFF = 3400rpm

    LOW = 3250rpm

    Without blades engaged:

    MAX = 3650rpm

    EFF = 2500rpm

    LOW = 1500rpm (idle)

    I understand the question about hydro cooling, but I've had many demo mowers (and brand new mowers) not taching up to 3650. The loaner unit I just used was certainly not spinning 3600.

    Keep in mind the entire hydro housing (pump/motor/reservoir) is all cast aluminum that is ribbed for cooling. The fans above them are quite powerful. I'm sure eXmark did their homework with testing this. But to tell you the truth, even at idle, these hydro's are much more sensitive then any mower I've ever used before! It'll climb right up my trailer ramp at idle and doesn't whine or become uncontrollable.

    I'm slowly becoming more used to idling down more (EFF and LOW) when I don't need MAX power. The tightly baffled deck still cuts well at slower speeds.

    If cut quality was a 1 to 10 rating...

    This eXmark would be a 10

    My XR-7 with factory blades would be a 3

    My XR-7 with VX4 factory blades would be a 6

    The cut is so clean. My lawns are looking better now on the second cut with the UltraCut. It's pulling leaves out of the thatch layer that the XR-7 would never be able to do!
  4. puppypaws

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    The gentleman I talked with said Exmark just as Hustler also went through hydraulic problems, I personally never heard anyone speak or post about this. He said they had pumps blowing at 6 to 800 hrs, this blew my mind, he then started talking about how much more heavily built the system needed to be when moving from a speed difference of only 8 to 12 mph. I told him I believed Hustler with their HyperDrive hydraulic system was the best on the market at this time, and he agreed. He also said Exmark had really done their homework on their hydraulic system, and so far there had been no problems to speak of.

    This person was very nice to speak with, and from the questions I asked, and the answers he gave, I could tell he was very knowledgeable on the Exmark products.

    How much oil is your new engine using at this point, and how many hrs. has it been used?
  5. TLS

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    I changed it at 4.2 and it has 25 on it now. No oil usage.

    Using Castrol HD 30

    I would assume that with 10W-30 there may be some usage.

    eXmark was having some issues with these new hydro systems. Turns out, guys were never changing the oil/filter! They had a way of determining that the factory fill was still being used.

    I'm not sure if they're still doing it, but eXmark was offering another additional year of "warranty" on the hydro system if you had dealer change it at 250 and 500 hrs. I'm thinking of going this route as it's not as easy to get to like on the Hustlers'.
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    I don't always buy into the break-in period for the rings to seat and reduce oil usage. I found from experience over the years if a motor is using oil to start with, yes it may lessen somewhat, but it will continue to use some oil.

    Your engine has not used any oil at 25 hrs. means you've got a tight engine, and it will not begin using oil unless a problem arises. I think it's great you got a good tight engine, one you will not need to worry about.

    The one that came off the assembly line directly behind yours may be totally different, amazing how that can work.
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    Hey TLS! Congrats on the new mower. I am in the process of either that same machine or scag TT. Just wondering how the RED cuts in thick grass? My older ultra cuts clump pretty good in damp thick grass. Hate to spend that kind of coin and have that happen. Just demoed a Cheetah and cut 12" thick grass , NO clumps. But like the feel of the exmark better.
  8. TLS

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    I haven't had it clump yet, but only 25hrs on it.
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    Hopefully it want, but as you and I both know, slick paint under a new deck makes a tremendous difference.

    I had a flat front tire on my old mower this morning, I snatched it up high enough to take the tire off and repair it, then took it up until the mower was completely off the ground, setting on the rear dolly wheels. I then scraped under the deck and removed probably 25 lbs. of wet grass and changed the blades, I've got a small area (1 ac) I need to hit before the rain comes, which according to the weather can be any time now.
  10. TLS

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    The good thing about this new UC deck is that there are very few bolt/nut heads to grab grass. There are 4 however that I think eXmark could have done without. Those are the nuts that hold the pulley covers on. This could have easily been welded. But no real biggie. The pulley covers are nice as a quick pass with the blower and all grass is removed from the top of the deck.

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