My New Ferris IS2000. Deal or Nodeal?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Shane100, Aug 25, 2009.

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    Good mower, good price, excellent engine. I don't know about the deck you are speaking of, but the new 72" deck on a Ferris IS3100 cut equal to any on the market, no scalping with a smooth cut. I know a farmer that just bought his second Ferris 3100 (one for his daughter that lives next door), and the whole family bleeds JD green.
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    LR3, I had already looked at your photos and they look great! Actually I viewed them just before purchasing the IS2000 and are one of the reasons I decided to go with Ferris. I also have a local friend who runs mostly Ferris. He was the one who originally (labor day weekend) said I should go with them and then started my compulsive research. lol
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    Great mower, congrats! Even better that you have a friend who runs the same make of machines. He will be able to help if ever in need. Maintain it as the manual states. Run sharp blades, clean below the deck weekly and since you don't have the bagger yet, consider some gators. If you get the gators, be sure to sharpen them before installing, the factory sharpening and the protective paint makes for a bad cut. Good luck!!!
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    Doah! I went in to my dealer again today and they had marked down the other mower that I was considering.

    34hp Kawi
    New scag like 61" Deck
    Suspension Seat

    I think I would of been willing to pay the difference for the new deck and added HP.
    Oh well, truth is I'm really very happy with my New Mower and have not had any issues with the cut quality.

    I have a house on my street that has been vacant for 7+ years. It had been an eye sore (yard and shrubs) since I've lived here. I recently made a deal with the owner to take care of the yard in exchange for the use of the drive way. I store my boat and an old beater there. Well yesterday the next door neighbor of the vancant came over to my house today with a plate of cookies and commented on how good the house has looked since I started taking care of it.

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