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I was messing around in my garage yesterday trying to figure out the easiest way to keep grass out of the mulch beds at my accounts. I have a JD GS45 walkbehind so its either buy the JD mulching kit or make my own since I can't find an aftermarket one for it. Then it hit me. I had an old rubber floor mat in the corner of the garage. I pulled the discharge chute off the mower and traced the outline on the floormat. I cut in to fit and bolted the cut out floor mat onto the back side of the chute so that when I put the chute down the floormat covers the opening. I took it out and cut around my mulch beds in my yard and it works like a charm. So for about .25$ in nuts and bolts and a old floormat I solved my problem.

I wish I could just find something that easy that will help me land new accounts.

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