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Discussion in 'Toro' started by lilweeds, Mar 29, 2009.

  1. lilweeds

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    I'm becoming very disappointed quickly. I have 2 emails into the Toro guys and have not heard back two weeks later. I have one that is cutting like crap, and one that won't achieve any kind of real speed. Not giving up, and still feel it's a great mower, but really need to get these issues resolved and the dealer hasn't been much help.
  2. Bigkaluna

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    Cutting problem? When I had a bad cut with the mower I would check to make sure deck is clear of clumps of grass. Also sometimes my blades would be dull.

    In another instance all those items would be fine, then I would try crosscutting the yard and find that some lawns are very uneven.

    The only other problem I had was the bolts that lower the deck would loosen and make the deck uneven when it cut. It just happened last week and I put locking nuts on the screw. Don't know why they would not do that in the first place. oh well Good Luck:cool2:

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