My new GrassHopper mid mount

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by doublesharp, May 11, 2010.

  1. tstutz

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    that dixie looks super plain. Maybe its just me but man
  2. Richard Martin

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    It's the Estate model. Long before all of the other manufacturers jumped on the consumer level ZTR Dixie had the Estate. It was a completely stripped down mower. It didn't even have stainless steel. It had a standard seat with no armrests, standard engine, painted foot pan and body panels, a pain in the ass to adjust deck (compared to other Dixies), smaller tires and stuff like that. Estate mowers always had the red painted frame. It was priced at $4995.00.
  3. Chadly1980

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    That thing looks great! I want to know more info about it badly. I wish grasshopper would update their site. I am in the market for a 225 with a 52" deck...but this thing sounds more in my budget. I really want to do a comparison of the two side by side to see what the differences are between them. It's for my personal property and that's i really don't need a 225, so this 226V should more like what I need. Please post any other comments or knowledge about the two machines!
  4. CaptPat

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    I recently purchased a 329B dealer demo and I really like it, good luck with your new 223V
  5. doublesharp

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    Thread back from the dead. The 226V is on the website now. I'm really happy with my machine. There was a recall to put a shield on the gas tank under the seat. Said a fan blade could fly off and gash the tank. Dealer came to my house and took care of it. And it does have 5 grease fittings.

    My old Dixie was a 2000 anniversary model. I paid 4995, same price as the first ones were in 1980. It was stripped down but did have the same wheel pumps and the velvet touch steering. I kept that 17hp Kohler command at about 3750 no load rpms and it was a cutting machine. Only had a 3 gallon gas tank and it would beat you to death with those little tires and hard seat. Still, it gave me 10 years of good service and I got $3100 for it on a fast sale, out of my front yard.

    I've added a hitch and a tiny tach and, of course, my memory foam pillow.

  6. malinois1

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    Where did you get the hitch?
  7. doublesharp

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  8. malinois1

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    Thanks! I just bought one! Any pics of the tach?
  9. doublesharp

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  10. MJB

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    Im reviving this old thread to see how you feel about your 226v after 3 yrs?
    how does it perform on hills?

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