my new hustler super z mini!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Farmer Jon, May 5, 2003.

  1. I wonder also.....

    Farmer Jon I cut resi with my dixies, and exmarks. If it will fit ZTR's will get used.
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    Farmer Jon,

    Congrats on your purchase. Looks like you got out great on price as well! It sounds like you are pleased and I bet you will be for some time.

    To me true mini Z's like yours and mine really have their merits in certain areas. I bet you can really tell what they are coming off a 62" Z Master.

    As for mini's, you sure got the fastest. Wow! I can't even imagine 13 mph. That's wishful thinking around Hustler makes a nice machine. I liked the mini's but the 52" was too big for me and the 44" had no trim. Hustler needs to fit that frame with a 48" deck for an extra choice.

    By they way, what swayed you to get the 24hp Honda? Just curious. Nothing more.
  3. Leone LawnCare

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    7 dollars thats cheap
  4. Farmer Jon

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    i chose the honda engine over the the kawi kinda by whim. honda is one of the leading manufactures of mobility products. they have also been working with teledyne designing an improved aircraft engine. i figure they make great stuff, as does kawi, so save 100 bucks and go for it, i'll have to buy a second ztr soon so i may go with the biggest engine if i get a full size super. they do use the honda on the full size so i was sure it was big enough for the mini. i've had alot of people watching us work comment on the mini's speed. it will make you smile while you work!:D

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