my new kawasaki trimmer sucks (anyone else?)

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by FromtheGroundUp, Jul 30, 2008.

  1. FromtheGroundUp

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    i have been a lover of kawasaki trimmers for years. i have ran them for 7-8 years. this year they quit makeing the 27A and changed it to the 27A-B. it runs like piss. to be more specific.
    -when you first start it, it wants to cut off every time you try to give it a little throttle it conks out(takes a few minutes to warm up).
    -the rpm under load is very weak.
    -when changing from edgeing to trimming it cuts off
    -the pull cord has popped several times due to the compression being so strong.
    maybe i havent explaind these problems where they are easily understood, but they are definately a pain in the ass. my dealer gave me a new one for a loaner while the try to fix mine. its a pice of crap also. virtually the same probs. the old kawasaki's were the best trimmer on the market. why mess up a good thing
  2. C4chris70

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    I used my Kawi trimmer for about 2 months and broke flex shaft after shaft. Now it just sits in my shop collecting dust. Can't afford to run it.
  3. FromtheGroundUp

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    thats one thing i learned early on always buy solid shafts

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