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My New Logo!


LawnSite Bronze Member
A small town, NC
Hey guys, I've been messing around with a logo and name for the coming season, you guys tell me what you think of my idea, tell me what you like and you don't like and try to tell how I can make it better :).

I'm open to compleatley new ideas on both the name and logo, so what every you have, please share with us! :)

So what do you think of both the name and logo?

Thanks for all your help!

God Bless



LawnSite Senior Member
i tend to be partial to the bigger and mainly bolder fonts. ill post more responses as i think it over more lol


LawnSite Senior Member
Greenville, SC
i think it looks top notch. font looks awesome. i like the attention to detail--the shading, the leaves that dot the "i's"--everything looks awesome. my only concern would be the name--a little confusing. is it your last name? i'm just thinking customers might not be as likely to remember it. and they might not be able spell it correctly for checks. :)


LawnSite Fanatic
i dont like it, it makes me think of Chernobyl. the young kids can google it if they have no idea what im talking about.


LawnSite Fanatic
i am sure it is his last name, so dont bash it too hard. it looks nice, but def play with font types to make sure there is not one better but the design is great


LawnSite Fanatic
West Michigan
It's a little plain, but if you like plain, then roll with it