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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by DeepGreenLawn, Jul 7, 2008.

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    How you like the new mascotts of my company. Which one should be the main focus... the others can be companions later on... the worm for the worm bin, micros for the CT station... Since I am going to be setting up my site, again hopefully next year, I want to make it fun for kids and educational for adults. Almost make it an amusement and learning thing on the nights when people come for the tour like what Tree is doing down there. I will make it just that, a tour, get some stuffed animals or something, that video tree posted was pretty cool, I wander if I can buy a copy of that somewhere. Have a kids station.

    I don't know, like I said, this is all in the process, if I can get it laid out right then I will have a kids area. Parents will love it that much more. No babysitting though and the parents are responsible for their kids. We will not be liable for anything they may get into, this is going to be a working plant ofcourse. Will probably have waivers and all that set up.

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  2. DeepGreenLawn

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    I did this with paint, the real guys will be better drawn and colorful ofcourse. I have a friend who is big into bees so he may be able to get me a hive if I can get enough flowers going around there just to make the front pretty and stuff. He knows all about that, but that would be pretty cool, then we could sell his honey at the same time.
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    A lot of folks don't like bugs, it deosn't matter how cute they are, I would stay away from bugs. It took them almost 20 years to make smokey the bear acceptable and not seen as a ferocious animal, get my point.

    Stick to things that not "seen" as pests like, trees, grass blades, Mr.shrubbery, Mrs mineral, flowers, lily ponds, cute little fish, frogs, healthy cats because of no toxins, you get the idea
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    yeah, that makes since. I may use those guys at the different stations to keep any kids interested if I have kids come through. I will keep working on a new mascott.

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    MR LADY BUG??? that sounds like a pair of guys from Miami beach !!!! bills got the bug part of this down. the sings we are using now have the same picture as my avatar, the passion flower.

    According to the conquistadors and their teachings, the five petals and five sepals of the plant were said to represent the 10 apostles (leaving out Judas, the betrayer of Jesus; and Peter, because he denied knowing Christ). The purple corolla has approximately 72 filaments, which reportedly was the number of thorns in Jesus’ crown. The three prominent stigmas of the plant were said to represent the nails used on the cross, while the five stamens were claimed to symbolize the number of wounds in Jesus’ hands. (Catholics and those in South and Central America still call the plant the “flower of the five wounds.”) The lance-like leaf lobes were explained as being symbolic of the spear that punctured Jesus’ side, and the dark spots under the leaves said to symbolize the 33 pieces of silver paid to Judas to betray Jesus. The flowers die after a single day – the time Jesus spent on the cross. And because the petals reclose over the ovary, the conquistadors pointed out that this was similar to Jesus being placed in the tomb and seen as the “hidden wisdom” that constitutes the “mysteries of the cross.”
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    the flower only stays around for one day? That sucks.

    Cool story, 5 wounds in Jesus' hands? I haven't heard that.

    Yeah, Mr. ladybug, or mrs, I thought it would be fun to do what they did with a bugs life (the movie). The flies start hitting on the lady bug like its a woman and then this manly voice comes out and says "Shoo fly, don't bother me." I thougt that was hilarious. I will have to have that movie playing in the kids area too.

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