My new outfitted Quick 36 Rig

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Howard Roark, Aug 30, 2006.

  1. Howard Roark

    Howard Roark LawnSite Senior Member
    from Texas
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    While having used the 21's quite successfully with a 2 man crew this and last year, I decided to bump it up a notch with the Quick 36 Super Duty. The last number we averaged on our 3 best days per 2 man crew for this particular route was 3.46 lawns per hour. Rather than add a 3rd employee to use the additional 21, financially the Super Duty came out to the more logical decision.

    It only arrived today, therefore I do not have any comparing numbers. After using it on my own lawn, I'm extremely excited about this change.

    So far my observation is that it cuts better than a Toro 21 Proline in St. Augustine, and is faster as well. I may have some Bermuda photos over the weekend.

    As far as hauling it, as you can see in the pics my it's business as usual on this truck. Thanks to Gary and PTP who both suggested I should have no problem fitting this into a ranger. I should have bought one early last year.

    quick n tailgator ramp.jpg

    quick on ranger.jpg

    quick n proline ranger.jpg
  2. green_with_envy

    green_with_envy LawnSite Member
    from pa
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    Thats a nice little set up there. Congrats on the Quick. I was thinking of addding on to my fleet this winter some time.
  3. mark12

    mark12 LawnSite Member
    from Ar
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    Looks like you got a real "work truck". What kind of ramp is that, how does it extend/retract. Nice use of your space.
  4. stuffdeer

    stuffdeer LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,617

    I'm thinkin of getting me one of them there beauties next spring!
  5. MartinsMowing

    MartinsMowing LawnSite Member
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    wow nice setup...where did you get that ramp..never seen anything like that
  6. hillndale

    hillndale LawnSite Member
    from Maine
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    Great set-up. Looks very professional. Congrats & thanks for the pics! Good luck!

  7. BSDeality

    BSDeality LawnSite Silver Member
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    Very nice! you'll be making some nice cash with that low overhead setup there.
  8. Grits

    Grits LawnSite Silver Member
    from Florida
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    Amazing! I can not believe that you can fit a Q36 AND a pushmower in the bed of a Ford Ranger. That is AWESOME! That is one slick, low cost set-up.
    I should have got a Q36. Oh well, maybe next year.
  9. Howard Roark

    Howard Roark LawnSite Senior Member
    from Texas
    Messages: 805

    The ramp is a Tailgater. It folds up underneath itself to create a somewhat normal tailgate when not in use. They retail for about $775. If you're interested in one PM me for details.

    As for both mowers fitting in the bed, there's actually about 3-4 inches to spare which amazed me. The super duty has an incredibly short wheel base.
  10. TheLawnBarber

    TheLawnBarber LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 539

    Thats a very nice looking setup you've got there.

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