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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by fga, Dec 2, 2004.

  1. fga

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    i finally picked up my new addition this week. i bought this off one of my best friends, so i know the truck already. it's a 1990 GMC 1500. it has a new engine (350 5.7 liter) with warranty. 4wd. the meyers e47 was bought brand new this past february. i think its 7.5'. he also included, (cool surprise) a hitch mount salt spreader, with the poly hopper holding about 300 - 500 pounds of salt. It's got the extended cab, and the paint is beautiful, the interior is really clean. some extras like auto start, power everything.
    it can sit 6 legally. here if you have one guy in your truck not in a seatbealt, its a 65 dollar fine per each guy. i already have the car seat it in it :blush: .

    let's now hope for some snow. payup payup :angel:
  2. fga

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    here are a few more..
  3. fga

    fga LawnSite Silver Member
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    one more of my "passenger" space.
    i know this truck might be nothing to alot of you guys, but this is the nicest and newest truck i've ever owned. i have to take off the tint, its against the law, the guy i bought it off is a cop so he never had a problem :rolleyes:
  4. twins_lawn_care

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    That is a sweet truck fga,
    We are looking to get around the same thing when we can expand. Of course, I'll need to mount two of those seats back there, but to be able to bring the boys with when I go out plowing, they would love it! Right now we are limited to the "faimly" car if we want to go out, so it would be nice to have another choice to hit the town with!

    Truck looks great, hope it has many more years in it for you!

    Since we're all wondering, how much did it run you?
  5. fga

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    thanks twins,
    i probably paid more then you would expect, but let me explain.
    i bought it for $6,000, which, i know sounds alot for a 1990. but like i said, i knew the truck already, knew the quality. also, my buddy spent about 3200 on the plow, and about 3600 on the engine. that's really how we came up with the price. so under these circumstances, i think i got a score. on top of the above mentioned, the trucks drives and looks top notch. and then he threw in the spreader which runs cheapest i've seen $300.
    he also is giving me some snow accounts he had for free with it. I don't know if i want them yet, but the option is there.

    and the family thing was a real perk for me. i have another pick up (standard cab), my dump, and the 2000 Neon (our family car). but my wife loves this truck, and my daughter can actually see where she's going. :) the truck is nice enough to be driven everyday as a daily family ride. all summer i wanted to go places with the kids, but it was such a hassle loading everything into my pick up, like bikes, the power wheels buggy thing ($300 ;) ;) costs more then my first car), then having the family drive behind me. now it will be one nice comfortable ride. I plan on loading it up with sleds soon! and you can definitely fit 2 car seats back there. the one draw back.... they are close enough to kick the back of your seat for amusement! :dizzy:
  6. Lux Lawn

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    You finally took time off from selling tree's to get your truck its about time. :)
    Your right that thing is in great shape for a 1990 inside and out you got a great deal.The snowplow equipment on the truck alone is worth over half of what you paid for it.How do you like that salt spreader?They look pretty cool how they just plug into the receiver and a lot cheaper i'm sure.Are you going to take the cap off the back when plowing to make it easier?
    Last question is that your new house they are building in the picture?
    I know lots of questions today.
    Take care.
  7. StumpBuster

    StumpBuster LawnSite Member
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    Good luck with your new truck. Looks like you got a great deal !!
    Are you anywhere near Bard Ave. ?
    Where do you take the sleds out for a ride ? :waving:
  8. Eric 1

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    Hey that's a nice truck. And if you made it red and gave it a bowtie, it's the exact same thing I have! I love the Extended cab.

    That is not a bad price either.
  9. fga

    fga LawnSite Silver Member
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    what's up larry?
    The tree situation was a complete disaster. after investing about 1000 dollars in the slowest time of the season for me, i was screwed over by 3 distributors who agreed they would sell me trees. What a headache i've had over it. all set up with nothing to sell.

    i might take the cap off, i don't know yet. the back window is missing so i can't leave the snow blower in there anyway.

    the house in the background is being built across the street from me. i have to watch the amigos don't throw nails near my tires.
    those a-holes make these sounds at my wife when she goes to the car. :angry: so i have to walk her out so she doesn't get eye groped.. i can see myself throwing one of them off the landing. I'm no tough guy, but when it comes to my family, forget about it.

    by the way, awesome logo you sent me. been preoccupied, forgot to return some emails. forgot to get back to Bill (Impact) also on something.
  10. fga

    fga LawnSite Silver Member
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    Bard ave? staten island is small, so you're not really far from anywhere. :) i have accounts on that block. alot of really old beautiful houses there. also, the hospital where my daughter (and me) where born is on that block.
    have family here?

    the sleds, there are a few golf courses, and smaller hills all over. I like the least crowded area i can find. even as a kid, we loaded my parents front steps up with snow (after my dad spent an hour shoveling them :rolleyes: ) and sled right down the front steps..... coming to a slamming halt as we hit the chainlink fence. ;)

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