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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Victor, Aug 8, 2006.

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    Well guys. I learned a good lesson this year. One that I'll keep with me.
    This Spring... When I picked up a new customer, with what looked to be a lawn that had already had "the jungle taken out of it." I didn't use any preemergent on it. Like some other members on here. I've been trying to get away from using preemergents, unless a lawn I take on is weedy, or looks like it will be weedy. The lawns I carried over from last year did really this year without any pre having been applied this Spring.
    For a lot of the new lawns I took on this year though. I've had way too many problems with the full gammit of grassy weeds. I know it's been a really bad year for grassy weeds (breakout city), because of the weather, but I still think that if I had done split apps on them. I wouldn't have had nearly as many weeds to fight.
    This is horrible. It's too hot and the lawns are too stressed to do anything, but wait until the weather breaks to kill them.
    I know that having these problems, is just part of the game, but I still hate that part of the game.

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    lawn care is a business.

    in business you need customers. happy customers will get you many more customers.

    as licensed applicators we need to be good stewarts of the planet. we should practice IPM, but in a practical way that will add $$$ to the bottom line.

    applying a preemergent control in the spring, applying it according to label instructions and keeping the product on target (not all over the driveway, walkways etc.) is very responsible business practice and the beginning of a sound lawncare program.


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