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Discussion in 'Professional Discussions' started by greenmonster304, Oct 7, 2018.

  1. greenmonster304

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    Back in August I bought 8 acres in upstate NY on the Vermont border. It is vacant but has well septic and electric on it. For the past 4 days me and a buddy have been hard at work. First thing we changed out the electric panel because it was ancient. Then the rental equipment showed up so we got to clearing the trees. I rented a tracked skid steer with a grapple bucket and a brush hog. Today we pulled out and replaced the well pump it was down 100’ so I borrowed my buddy’s hoist. It was pretty cool.
    Before we cleared
    A9D626D9-E8D6-491E-8E96-E8E3BCB94079.jpeg 3993E9F9-68C0-467E-AE5D-59773BFDECF4.jpeg 40B92569-EA4A-4B58-91CF-DDE9ED8CDF6F.jpeg AA853DCF-7A06-4EBA-B085-9EF5140C2F1C.jpeg
  2. OP

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    A few more
    DE51392E-3E98-4F03-BCA7-374021E472E6.jpeg 71BE0E63-90D1-4851-B065-EB91AC41385E.jpeg 9C62E68B-1704-4405-B9DF-F8C7AC9BC6B8.jpeg

    Pulling out the pump
    18075FF5-D53C-47E8-B94E-5C4F56E1CA3A.jpeg 2D07F21D-E6DD-4128-A9EE-EACE522D5FCE.jpeg

    Found this rock up in the field so I put it to use



  3. Greencuts518

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    I'm in Poestenkill not far from Albany. Nice views
  4. SoCalLandscapeMgmt

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    What do you plan on building? A full blown residence or a smaller vacation type get away place? Looks like a nice spread! I would love to acreage like this but that's just not going to happen in So Cal.
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  5. Mumblingboutmowers

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    Looks good. I love clearing jobs, there is always a good feeling of satisfaction when creating such a difference in landscape. I did a big clearing job in the spring and that job is my fondest memory of the work season.
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    Love the pictures....reminds me of the area where my step daughters are from in cleveland in the volunteer state.

    Heck all you have to do is drive a little north over the grapevine and you could get similar scenery (hint during winter rains) at the south end of the sierra's.
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  7. mitchgo

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    I just drove the entire corridor of I5 in Cali . A LITTLE!?!?
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  8. mitchgo

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    Love the pics . Good job!
  9. OP

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    You aren’t far. Land is in Hoosick.
  10. OP

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    I would like to put up a house eventually when I get some money, but I think I will do a cabin of some kind in the mean time so we can use it. I have wanted some land like this since I was a kid but like you said it was out of reach on the east end of Long Island. This land would have cost 5 million at home.

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