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Discussion in 'Power Washing' started by Doug Rucker, Mar 30, 2013.

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    Here is my new skid I took delivery of yesterday from Paul Kassander at A 3000PSI 8GPM Hydro tek Cold water pressure washer w 150 foot hose and pivoting reel, 150 Garde hose on titan reel, Dual Roof Pump system w Titan Reel and 300 Feet of Poly Braid hose, 2 55 gallon tanks, 1 100 gallon tank for pressure washer, 24 inch Ground Force Collapsible Surface Cleaner. All mounted on a skid that can slide in an out of my truck bed. Used it today and loved it. NO MORE TRAILER.....except for those really big jobs.

    Water Dragon1.jpg

    Water Dragon7.jpg

    Water Dragon8.jpg

    Water Dragon12.jpg

    Water Dragon 4.jpg
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    Sweet setup, I like the platform that will allow you to unload it with a forklift.
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    Dang that's a sweet set-up
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    entered contest
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    Does that have the soft wash system? What chemicals do you use for roofs and what do you use for siding? I'm considering adding this service to my business since I just got laid of for the second time. Really thinking about going full time with my side business. Nobody is my area offers roof cleaning as far as I know. Would you recommend adding this to an existing mow & blow service? What kind of prices could I expect to charge for say a 2000 sf roof, 2 story, moderate pitch?

    thanks in advance
  8. whiffyspark

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    You don't need that to start doing roofs or siding. I only use pressure for concrete

    A fatboy is a great starter setup. I have a several 5800
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    I spent last night looking at the fatboy set ups. My thinking is if I do decide to add this service, I want the ability to do high pressure also. I've been watching lots of videos on soft washing roofs and it seems like there's a ton of systems available. some definitely look home made. If I do this, I want to do it "right" and if that means shelling out some $$ on equipment and training, then so be it. I don't want to be a hack and I'd wanna know all there is to know about the process, the equipment, the chemicals, the correct mixes for different types of materials, etc. So you'll see me asking some questions here in the next few months.

    With these skid units like the one posted here, I think I'm seeing a high pressure system and a low pressure system. Can I assume that these are independent of each other? Also, this set up has two smaller tanks and one big one. Do the smaller tanks accommodate the chemical mix? Are there two tanks so you can have two separate recipes for different jobs in the same day and switch between the two? What's the big tank for? Does that just hold clean water as a reservoir to supply the pumps so there's a buffer on water volume? Please excuse my ignorance if I come across as a dumba$$.
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    I use the big tank for a mix tank of buffer tank.

    By yourself a fatboy setup. Sell a couple roof jobs then you'll have money to get a pressure washer.

    I honestly don't use a pressure washer much because we don't do a lot of concrete. I'm actually buying a trailer here soon.

    "Right" would be a softwash system. But for how much he asks for it I can't bring myself to buy one. I'm considering building and selling a system.
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