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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by LawnscapeMN, Dec 10, 2005.

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  2. Turf Troll

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    The rink looks like fun, what is the purpose of your site or do you want it to do something for you?
  3. oatka

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    to continue on with what Turf Troll said, what do you want your site to do? personally when i went to your site i first noticed the Toro and other links on the side. it took a bit longer to see your name at the top, it's not as obvious. if you are using your site for customers to find you and check out your services then what good does the huge logo of Toro and Lawnsite do? as much as i like lawnsite, is it usefull for your customers?

    these are some things to think about. i think your site looks pretty good. never stop working on it, it never is "done."
  4. ritchiem

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    Just a few things I noticed.

    1. All of your pages are titled "Home, About Us and so on" not good for indexing. I would recommend changing your pages as follows.

    Home = Welcome to Ground Effects Lawn Care
    About Us = About Us Roseville Lawn Care
    Equipment = Equipment Toro Ryobi Echo Chevy
    Calandar = Calandar Event Information First Mow Free
    Contact Us = Contact Us email phone address Feedback
    and so on

    Your titles should contain keywords that are in the pages content. Gives your site a higher ranking.

    3. No meta tags...insert this group of code under <meta name="generator" content="Yahoo! SiteBuilder/2.2.3/1.5.0_02"> in your page source using your favorite HTML editor.

    <meta name="description" content="Ground Effects Lawn Care is a full service exterior landscape company.">
    <meta name="keywords" content="exterior, landscape, construction, maintenance, lawns, cutting, trimming, weed, pest control, fertilizing, aerating, gardens, weeding, annual, planting, perennial, care, shrubs, trees, pruning, pest, control, spring, fall, clean-ups, installation, capabilities, acclimatized, plants, weeping, spreading, palms, ferns, decorative, containers, soil, mixes, planters, rock, wood, stream, pond, waterfall, fountain">

    You can change any of the 'keywords' to what ever you wish as well as the discription.

    4. I did not see what areas you service...all I could find was 'Roseville' where is that?...this should be included in your content as well as in your 'keywords' and 'titles' to help narrow down searches.

    5. What service do you offer? List them and make them stand out.

    6. I don't know if it is just me, but your nav buttons extend further past your page and when using different screen resolutions nothing resizes...have to scroll around everywhere. I also tried different web browsers and still no change. Make sure everything is visible...don't make people hunt for links and info.
  5. LawnscapeMN

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    Thanks for the input and help guys/gals....I guess I need to put more thought into the site... Yeah I agree that I should not have the links on the front page, or on there at all. Thanks again....Check back for updates....Good thing I havent given any customers the address yet...haha:blob3:
  6. PlantGuysOnline

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    I have to agree with Turf Troll and Oakta, it's important to determine your purpose before laying out your website.

    Are you using it to attract new customers? (This ultimately should be every websites reason for existence.) Then it's extremely important to design your website so that it will rank in the top ten for your potential customers searches. There are dozens of techniques to get you top ranking in your desired searches and keep you there.

    Is it simply an online brochure? Then listing information on your services and focusing on the benefits those services will bring to your customer would be your main focus in the beginning.

    Keep in mind that no matter what your purpose, it can be very time consuming to design your website, develop an online marketing strategy and maintain your website so that it continues to produce results and evolve as the internet and search engines evolve. You may want to ask yourself, 'What is an hour of my time worth?' Your time may be better spent building customer relationships, calling on potential customers, and servicing your current customer base.

    It's interesting to see on this board that there are many who build their own sites and then post 'What do you think?'. It has become very easy with the new programs, technologies, and fill in the blank templates available to design a website and publish it to a hosting company. But, if you are looking for results from your website, then you may want to consider hiring a professional web developer.

    So I ask myself: 'Why do I employ a lawn maintenance company to maintain my lawn and landscaping even though I have a background in both and enjoy it?'

    The answers are quite simple and I think most of you will agree. I do it because my time is better spent helping people build their businesses through their online presence...which is what my profession involves. I don't have time to keep up on all the new fertilizers, seed, pesticides and the ever changing horticulture field. So, because I want the best looking lawn and landscape on the block, and because I want it to remain healthy and add value to my property, I hire a professional lawn and landscape company. It costs me considerably more than doing it myself, but I don't have to worry about it and it continues to meet my expectations. Should it not be also with your website? Remember, your website IS your business online.

    Wishing you and your business the very best,
  7. BSDeality

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    A website is an excellent project for winter time for us in the north. There is nothing to stop someone from making a nice, simple website on their own.

    PlantGuysOnline, I would suggest becoming a sponsor of this forum before you put that weblink in your signature line.
    ps, i would also stick to stricter web standards so your pages render correctly in _all_ browsers, not just Internext Exploderr.
  8. PlantGuysOnline

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    BSDeality....I certainly agree, it is a great winter time project. I was not saying that business owners should not build their own website. I apologize if that is how it appeared. I was just offering advice on the website and possible solutions.

    I have approached Sean on becoming a sponsor and hope to get that taken care of in the near future.
  9. BSDeality

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    sorry about coming across like that, its first thing in the morning and i'm a little cranky :)
  10. PlantGuysOnline

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    Hey, no problem. We are all here to help each other. Thanks for pointing out the browser issue. I had not cross checked it in netscape and firefox.

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