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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by hi_speedreed, May 18, 2012.

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    Hawkshot99 have a good explanation of how most hydro units work.

    My concern with your Trimstar is that you must hold the speed controls in the same place to maintain constant speed. Am I right about this?

    Hawkshot99 is right about setting the maximum speed with the control lever, and then letting the spring control keep the setting against that control. Any slower speed is attained through pulling back on the controls. This means that the operator is not holding the controls at one position to maintain constant speed.

    I've not driven a Trimstar, but it appears to me that you must roll the handles to a given position, hold them there, to maintain speed. In other words, there is no stop to push against to keep a constant speed. Every time you turn, you must return to a similar position as before. With the system Exmark system (and many others), the control is returned to the same position as before the turn.

    I have a ZTR, and it too has no stop to push against for the same speed. Control levers must be held at the same position to hold constant speed.

    I would think the motions of the small w/b would be difficult to hold at constant speed -- both would have to be turned and held at the same position all the time. This would mean no one-handed operation while working under trees, around bushes, etc.

    Do I understand TrimStar controls correctly?
  2. hi_speedreed

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    Yes, you understand the controls correctly. Except, you are able to operate the machine one handed. The operator presence controls are independent of one another but the drive system is operated by rolling the bar not the individual left and right hand grips.

    I can see where the ECS controls would be better when mowing wide open areas but as you can see from the size of machine I got that's not my customers yards. I would be squeezing those controls all day and my hands wouldn't feel any different than they did manhandling that cub I had.

    This mower works great for me. I can see where I'm really save time. I was able to mow a hill yesterday all the way to the top that before I had to string trim the last 10-15 feet of.

    I like saving time but I'm not obsessed about it. I'm not the guy you see running with the trimmer up and down the sidewalks and running the mower at top speed the whole time I'm on the property. Like I said previously, I like to walk and the Velke is not needed on but 1 of my properties. I just rolled the controls to the pace I was comfortable walking and let the machine work. So no, this might not be the best for running wide open all day but this system is comfortable on my hands and works well for me. My words are probably not the best at describing the handlebar operating system so I would say if it piques your interest just go put your hands on one at a dealer and you'll be able to tell whether it's for you or not. I think even if you don't like you'll still appreciate what they are trying to accomplish.
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  3. KV9064

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    I'm looking at a new Trimstar 48, how do you like your 36 so far ???
  4. BINKY1902

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    Nice mower, and the controls look pretty cool, didn't know they made anything but T-bars and pistols. Also, the 15hp should be a beast on that 36" mower.
  5. hi_speedreed

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    I'm outside sitting in the chair watching the dog play in the yard. Been meaning to write a review and since I have pics for that review and I've never been able to figure out how to post from my phone when I go inside I will upload the pics and the review
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    I switched from Exmark ESC to hustler and have never thought about going back. Being able to run it one handed is priceless. Between trees,bees,sweat or dog poop its no big deal. My only thing is I rip my pockets of my hoodies on occasion. Small price to pay.
  7. KV9064

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    how is the Trimstar holding up anything NEW
  8. weaver

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    I was gonna get the 36 just like it but got a new Exmark viking instead. I really liked the way you can adjust the height on the Hustler... Probably the most simple and easiest design to date..
  9. Tharrell

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    I didn't realize the controls had to be "held" in forward.
    Both my Lesco and Scag hydro WB's, you set the maximum speed for the conditions and it's done.
    To slow down or go backward you just pull the pistol grip.
    You can operate either with one hand same as all my Bobcat geardrive WB's.
    I'm glad I revisited this thread because a 36" Hydro is on my list and I was considering the Trimstar until I realized this about the controls.
  10. coolluv

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    You don't have to hold it. If you turn if forward it goes forward...the further you twist it the faster it do not have to keep pressure on it in order for it to maintain the speed you have it set at. Go Demo one you will love it.


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