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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by 1BadHawk, Apr 10, 2005.

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    i would say that was a great way of learning to use dreamweaver and now you are ready to sit down and properly develop a site from the ground up. it looks like you're on your way, just remember that even though dreamweaver has lots o' whiz-bang things to add to your site, they should be used in tight moderation. and please... no more flash. :)

    notwithstanding the top left picture of the mansion that approximately 42% of all lco's seem to cut, all of the images need their file sizes lowered. you can maintain the same quality and bring most of them down to 10-20% of their current file size, and therefore download size.

    also with photos, i'm not sure what the pic of the woman represents (happy gardening homeowner or staffer?), but i'd take the pic of you in the perficut hat and blow that up and include as a featured image. it's a nice shot if it's not just a doctored up pic where your logo has been photoshopped on to the hat.

    waaaay too many colors going on with your fonts.

    even though your side and top navigation menus are assumedly different, they don't tie together whatsoever. using the word "links" for the side menu is a word who's use is typically reserved for external links.

    the side menu in the services page is oddly overkill for what amounts to bookmark links. those kind of links are typically found horizontally, above the content and would be less confusing and more familiar.

    "Last months winner" should be "month's".

    add some cell padding to your tables so that they textual content does not touch the sides of the table.

    "under contruction" text and clip art is never a good idea and is something along the lines of one of the 7 deadly sins of web design.

    your "news" consists of 1 welcome screen, which is a redundancy that your home page already accomplishes. the other 2 "news" bits are basically apologies for the site.

    you would be better served to pull out all of the css and put it in it's own .css file for both ease of change, as well as providing an easier trip for search engine bots.

    back to the font colors, i just stumbled upon a 6th (i think...) color. this being a bad choice of orange on dark green. that doesn't create an easy read.

    i'm not a fan of the "pod" style of your layout, but that's really subjective. they just seem to not really tie together.

    as i look through the site, in it's current design, it's wearing me out. seriously... you've got alot going on there.
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    wow Tony... lots of good pointers.

    Ill try to tackle some of these in the next day or two. With the weather the way it is, we're prety busy.

    Im not sure I understand:
    "you would be better served to pull out all of the css and put it in it's own .css file for both ease of change, as well as providing an easier trip for search engine bots."

    can you explain this to me?
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    yep. dreamweaver has an option to attach an external style sheet, as opposed to having each page have the css tags in it. this allows you to make global site changes in one place, without having to do the same to every page.

    as for the search engines, the css code takes up a lot of your page, which can hinder some of the bots from indexing your content.
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    - I agree with everyone else to get rid of the Flash intro
    - Add unique titles to each page, for search engine purposes
    - Move CSS to external file
    - Get rid of the page counter
    - The main menu is way too inconsistent from page to page i.e. text changes etc..
    - Fix spelling mistakes

    All that said though it's not half bad.
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    Last months "winner" has to be the most used/stolen pic in lawncare. Did you buy the rights to it? If Corbis or whoever owns the rights to it finds out you will be buying the rights and a bit more..... :waving:
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    Everyone pretty much already said it all but I will list the things that most bothered me.

    1. My top Internet speed is 28,800 out here in the country. Need to dumb down the site for all of us with slow connection speed. I skipped the flash intro since it loads so slow. Other pages with all the pictures loaded real slow. Any other site I would have been out of it real quick since it loads so slow.

    1. To busy with all the pictures.
    2. Lots of misspelling.
    3. Just to busy. Keep it simple.

    Looks like you learned a lot of skills but got over anguish to apply all your new found knowledge. Good luck your off to a good start.

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