My new ZTR under 5 grand


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Trenton ,Ohio
For anyone looking for a quality ztr without spending a fortune ,check these out. Picking one of these up today.
$4495+tax and a finance rate of 1.9% for 60 months.



Yardley, PA.
That's a homeowner model. How many lawns do you cut?

Remember, homeowner mowers are basically designed to cut one lawn a week. So although it may last a homeowner 10 years, you'd probably be lucky if it lasted you one year if it's used as your main mower.

For that money you could get a nice COMMERCIAL hydro walk behind mower with a sulky.

No way I'd spend that kind of money on a homeowner mower for commercial use.


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listen to go-getter and get something else if you are planning on doing quite a few lawns per week. That's an ok machine for 2-3 a week use, but not for what we are talking about. Gogetter is right on dude, do some more research or go out and get a walkbehind made to run wide open all day


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Cape Cod, Ma
Do yourself a favor and buy a good Lazer Z or Hustler Z used for that price. A used Commercial ZTR will out last that model 5 to 1.

If you don't mow that many lawns why even spend that much to begin with? It will take you a long time to justify the initial cost.

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