my nightmare

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    Nothing like that ,,,,,,,, but 14 years ago wifey and I gave our one year old daughter her 1st hair cut put the clippings in an envelope for a forever keepsake,,,,,,,, only thing was at the time I was hand writing all the bills and stuffing the envelopes and always in the wee early morning,,,,,,, long story short I accidently stuck a customers bill in the same envelope as the hair clippings (I mailed hair to the customer:dizzy:) the customer was a weekend city guyt and always paid fast well that bill and the next three did not get paid until I called him on the phone,,,,,,, he was freaked out did not realize that the hair was from a 1 year old he thought I had some weird ideas:dizzy::dizzy::dizzy:,,,,,,, he was greatly relived when I told him the whole story,,,,,,,,, talk about embarrassing that was the worst for me but now its kind of funny.......

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