My numbers per hour. Look about right?

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    Here's my numbers. I threw my numbers out ealier today and was notificied that I was charging quite low so I went over all my expense again and sure enough there was quite a bit that I missed so... I figured why not check my new numbers with you guys. So here they are...

    (by the hour)
    Equipment replacement costs -
    ZTR - $5 ($10,000 - 2,000 hrs)
    Blower - $1 ($500 - 500 hrs)
    Weed Eater - $.75 ($350 - 500 hrs)
    Push Mower - $1 ($500 - 500 hrs.)
    T&T costs (truck and trailer)
    Truck - $1 (business pays 1/4 of truck cost over 5 yrs.) ($10,000 used - 5 yrs.)
    Trailer - $1 for trailer and accessories ($1,000 used trailer, $500 for racks/tires etc.)
    $15 (est. $3 to the government for workers comp. etc.)
    Safety gear/uniforms/drinks = $1
    blades, trimmer line etc. - $.75
    insurance - $3 (liability and commercial truck insurance est. $2,000)
    truck gas - varies depending on distance to drive.
    ZTR gas - $4.5 (est. fuel cost of $3.50)
    Other (WE, Blower, Push) - $3.50
    Company profit (pretty much all going to be re-invested for now)
    between 10%-20% depending on job size (bigger the amount, the less %)

    My numbers per hour are a little higher across the board because I don't work a full time schedule.

    Hope you enjoy a detailed post once in awhile. I put an after supper worth of thought to it. I enjoy crunching numbers like this. Maybe enjoy isn't the right word... but you probably get what I'm saying.

    - Levi B.
    BBC Lawn Services
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    We charge $70.00 per hour for residential and $95.00 for commercial.
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    How many guys per crew?
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    What about:
    Cell phone
    Tire replacement
    Vehicle/equipment repairs
    Office supplies
    Office space
    Office bills(internet ect)
    Tax liability
    Clothing replacement
    Boot replacement
    Truck payments(I don't get the 1/4 over 5 yrs). If its $500 per mont u gotta pay $500.
    Gas(home gas)
    Insurance renters/mortgage/vehicle
    Health insurance
    Life insurance
    Winter Savings
    Credit Card Payments

    I could go on....

    Your business has to pay all the bills...u gotta include everything you spend money on EVERYTHING! If you don't charge for it you can't pay for it. Just like if you have a job making $15 per hour, u gotta live within the $15 per hour means.

    That's how I learned how to figure cost per hour. If you are paying 8k in bills per month. Divide that by 40 hours a week(even though we don't work 40). That's what you need to make per hour.

    Gotta figure everything on 40 hour work weeks.

    If I think of something else I will post again...
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    Most of those are non-extant for me... call it my competitive advantage. ;)

    I'm fifteen and my dad is an engineer so I don't have to pay anything for food/bills etc. This is pretty much just a part-time gig for me in the summer. Pays much better than most jobs I could get right now. Flexible hours. Great business experience. As well as the ability to list in on resume'.

    As far as truck payments. The truck will most likely be my personal vehicle as well so... if the business covers the insurance as well as 1/4 the total cost. (and help with repair) Pretty good deals for both sides. :laugh:

    Tire replacement is a good one. Thanks for the list man!

    Clothing replacement is covered in the uniform cost.

    Accountant" covered by me.

    Advertising was a totally success this year. Don't really need to do any more. Not going to revel my secret but man, did it work great!

    mikeslawnlandscapeohio - man! Gett'er done than! You probably have quite a bit more expense to pay than me but still sounds like your taking home the bacon for this industry!
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    Sorry kid.....but kids like you put guys like me outta business. Go hang out at the mall and chase girls...worry about making money later in life. Go to college it gives you options...ask your dad.

    Good luck kid...
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    If kids can put you out of business, how can you even hope to compete against pros? Sure the kids will work cheap, for about one or two cuts. Kids these days do not do good work and are unreliable. Sure, there are exceptions and I expect some of them will be pointing that out in there posts.

    But, I do agree; Go to college!

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    come on guys!!! how about some words of encouragement here, stop sounding so threatened. I would say this guy has some really good ambition, and plans for his future. How many guys this young do you even know with a business mind like this, or even that strive for success anymore. Keep it up man, just dont get going in the wrong direction, and start becoming a gold digger, because you let your overhead get too big (like alot of folks out there, or even on here..hahahahaha).....keep in mind, contrary to what some might tell you on here. There are 2 bigtime ways of failing in this business...under doing it, and over doing it (and it is much easier to under do it for awhile. Thats what these guys are threatened by, because they probably already have to over do it)

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    let me add to that, just saying....i stay right in the middle with how i do it (it works great that way for me):dancing:......but by all means im learning as i go, and reaping what others fail to accomplish, so i guess...keep it up hahahahahaahaha:drinkup:.....(add up your costs - ONLY YOU KNOW WHAT THEY ARE - keep in mind your customers costs also)<-----and you will be fine

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