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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by topsites, Jan 5, 2007.

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    welp, finally done did it, bought a '95 slt laramie v8 360cid magnum.
    114k miles, fair condition.
    p/s, p/b, power windows, power mirrors (niiice for that passenger side pita), power locks, cloth bucket seats w/ center fold-up console (serves as seat or a storage console or arm rest), tilt steering, cruise control, a/c, am/fm cass premium sound, rear side quarter windows (cracks open sideways), rear folding glass (the back window opens), tow package (class II hitch), truck box, both side SRS airbags, tires are nice.

    Paid $2,500, ran ok, but...

    Did the following to it so far:
    Changed oil and filter, put in Kendall's High Performance Synthetic blend 10w-30
    Changed trans fluid and filter, this restored some shifting issues.
    Replaced cap + rotor with Accel high performance parts.
    Replaced spark plug wires with Taylor 8mm high performance ones.
    Replaced spark plugs with Autolite Double Platinum.
    Pulled and plugged 3 nails in the tires (haha, very funny).
    Fixed the cruise control (spliced a vacuum leak, re-lubed the main unit).
    Replaced almost broken battery terminal (and cleaned both).
    Fixed A/C (added R134a until the compressor kicked on, add more when it warms up).
    Replaced OEM radio with a used working one (found on ebay $40 w/ shipping, works great).
    Replaced OEM coil with Mallory high performance ignition coil.
    Replaced OEM air filter with high performance version.
    Inspected front brakes, lubed front wheel bearings.
    I'll leave the rear wheels for the state inspection lol.

    Still need to:
    Replace driver's side turn signal lens (is cracked), on order $25 via ebay.
    Fix truck box (latches are broken).
    Clean everything up really good (interior is dirty).
    Get seat covers (trying to find matching front + back).
    Remove window stickers (you'll see... maybe the state inspection guys can do it).
    Install rubber mesh gate (tailgate has been removed).
    Transfer everything over (equipment and stuff).

    Pics (the first two pics of the red one is my old '86 D-250, it somehow creeped into my camera):
    Both trucks look worse in the real world, the pics hide the defects well thou the engine pics and the torn seat is accurate lol
    And, the dash is back together now (the bezel trim was off at time of pic for the radio install).

    p.s.: omg this truck has a LOT of power lololol
  2. Lawnworks

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    That looks a dang good deal... hope it works out well for you.
  3. topsites

    topsites LawnSite Fanatic
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    Thank you, I think it was a good deal but I looked long and hard.
    I myself use, must've looked at various ads for about a year while I saved my money and educated myself on the pricing vs. what I really wanted.
    I also used Kelley Blue Book to help me out (as many used vehicles are over priced).
    I figured I needed at least 3 grand, 4 is better.

    I passed over many ads...
    I'd go back every 2-3 weeks or so, look again, and again.
    Kept doing that, and put money aside (cuz while I looked, at least at first I couldn't afford anything anyhow).

    I wanted something that fit most of this:
    - A 3/4 ton (the only absolute requirement).
    - With either A/C or white in color, tired of HOT cabs.
    - Lowish miles (100k or so, 200k is too high for me).
    - Small engine (5 liter or 6cyl. diesel).
    - An xlt / slt or perhaps at least a working radio (for 5 years I've had no radio).
    - Something priced at or below blue book (or close).
    - Something that was NOT used for plowing or otherwise worked too hard.
    - Obviously, something I could use (so no flatbeds or tow trucks).
    - Also obviously, something in some kind of running condition that doesn't require big repairs (like trans or engine or all rusted out).
    - Tow package + any other luxuries = all that is bonus, but it helps.
    Well, I got all but the small engine, can't win them all.

    Now, I'm in virginia and when I do a search on, I select 'Within 500 miles' among other criteria (below $5000 is another one helps pre-screen).
    I found at one time, an F-250 XLT Lariat for $2000 in Pennsylvania (about a '94, not as shiny but appeared functionally sound).
    Before I could even think of how I was getting the money, it sold.

    This one I found just before X-mas (like on the 19th of December), in Boston.
    I couldn't get to it before X-mas and was hoping it would not sell.
    On the 26th, I ordered airplane tickets via ($140).
    Flew to Boston at 8am on the 27th, got there around 9:30am.
    Took a cab to the dealer's ($32 with tip).
    After I decided on the purchase, waited some hour while they fixed a few things that were very wrong (the brake pedal went almost to the floor, the oil was really black), and while the owner got back (who had the title).
    Paid for it in the early PM, and left Boston around 3:30pm
    Got held up BAD in New York City rush hour (this starts about halfway through Connecticut and doesn't let up until New Jersey LOL it suk'd).
    Got back to VA about 2am or so.
    Strangely, it was 560 miles on the odometer (must be Boston is at the limit of 500 miles but it includes the whole city).

    If I have to guess, I've probably spent 3000 - 3500 all in all (with the trip and all the extra parts and work it needed plus tax-title-registration etc), if I say 3,500 then I can pay myself a few hundred for the labor but minimum wage is not that bad for a once in a while deal ...

    It does have a fair amount of rust on the underbody from having been up north (road salt is my guess), but it still looks solid to me.
    I'm pretty pleased.
  4. Cracker Station

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    attaboy topsites. Looks like you done good for yourself. Try to stay away from the bank as much as you can except to cut their grass or make your deposits. That truck will do everything that a brand new Tundra will do. Good thing about it, YOU want be crying when someone scratches it, or this months truck note or insurance cuts your cash short. Keep it up. Later! Cracker
  5. Jpocket

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    Both trucks are nice. Thats ALMOST a steal on that dodge, you can't find a late model truck like that around here for $2500. And you even got to put it through a good test driving 500 miles home.

    I almost bought a 95' diesel a 2 years ago 3500 single cab with a plow for $4500. Truck was worked HARD too. we passed on that one. we like the old chevys more anyways. But if he was going to let it go cheap I woulda bought it.

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