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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by tjgray, Mar 16, 2006.

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    Good Day All,

    I normally would never post a how much would you charge question but I am so rushed for time right now.

    As some of you may know we are heading out for Baton Rouge tomorrow to go and work a week at my grandmothers house getting the lawn and house ready for sale.

    Now keep in mind I am going to be there with my family who are all coming too in order to help in this huge undertaking *my grandmother lived in her house 30's got a lot of living in it* but I was curious to know if it would have been that less exspensive to have just hired a company in Baton Rouge to do the lawn rather then coming and doing it ourselves.

    The main projects we are undertaking is removing the tree and grinding the stump that is out front in the picture. Now we don't do a whole lot of tree and stump removals as the bulk of our company is fertilizer and weed control but we are certainly capable of doing the job.

    I know what our cost of making the trip, gas, time and equipment rentals are but I do not know really what the going rate for this type of job is and would very much appreciate your feedback :waving:

    How much would you charge to take the tree out and grind both stumps? I am wondering since we are not doing it for profit if our cost are going to be much different:confused:



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    Normally i would say leave it to a tree guy BUT that tree can be limbed up and dropped toward the rd. You might want to tie off and use the truck to make sure it falls in the right direction if your not going to top it. and I can have a guy grind stumps that size for $50 which is cheaper than the rental. Around me thats a $650 take down, grind and clean up.
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    Thanks Mac!! You are always so helpful to me and I really appreciate it. The tree tips were great. Like I said I think between Donald, my brother, and two uncles we ought to be able to get it down but they are all kind of in-experienced and could use all the tips they can get :waving:

    I actually did an estimate on the job and after labor and equipment rental came up with $620.00 so my estimate of our cost is pretty close to your quote.

    If you add another $100.00 for gas it brings our cost up to about $750.00, $800.00.

    So I guess we might have could have saved a couple hundred by hiring someone to come do the job but it's worth it to me to be able to make the trip, be with family, and help out in a time of need.

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