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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by sweetz, Jul 25, 2008.

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    I bought a HUSTLER 36” Mini Z 1-16-08. I realized after I bought it that all of the build dates on the frame, hydros & the engine said 03/06 (So, it was new, but it had sat somewhere for about 2 years). I only had it for about 6 months, I only was able to put about 61 hours on it. I talked to my dealer & I did an even trade on a TORO 32” Classic Proline w/b w/T-bars & a floating deck. I lost about $1500 in that deal!

    I let PJ, Chad (Hustler reps) & Hustler know about these problems and they finally just ignored my calls. At least they wouldn’t answer my calls or return my calls. The mechanic at my dealer said that this is what they put up with from Hustler all of the time!

    If the Hustler got damp (as in morning dew) or wet (as in a light rain) it wouldn’t start – or if I could get it started, the PTO switch wouldn’t work (so I couldn’t cut any grass). I can’t tell you how many times this thing was just dead, sitting on my trailer. But d**n, did it ever look good sitting on my trailer (that bright yellow really stuck out!)!!! It died a couple of times off my trailer & it’d be at least a few hours before I could get it started to get it back on my trailer!!!

    The HUSTLER only had 56.3 hours on it. Numerous bolts actually fell off from just vibration. But this is normal (or so I was told)! The paint started to bubble up on the frame & rust underneath it! But, this too is normal! Nuts and bolts all over that thing kept unscrewing themselves & falling off. My deck almost fell off on one side because of this, twice!!! The nuts and bolts that held the floor pan on fell off – I noticed this when I opened it & there was nothing holding it! But, as I was told, this is also normal! Ya, maybe for a POS HUSTLER!

    The arm rests were replaced at about 50 hours (I think) because they were drying out & falling apart where the seams were. I would go thru one set of the blades for that mower after about every ½ hour of use (I had to replace 3 of the larger blades on that mower in about 50 hours because they just wore down!). Whereas with the TORO 32”, on the same properties, one set of blades will last about 3-5 hours before needing to be sharpened. I cut grass in Florida, if you’ve never cut grass here then you don’t know how fast the sand will make your blades dull! But the sand also sand blasts you deck clean of everything in about 5 minutes of mowing!

    Even at like 1.5 – 2 mph with only 10 psi in the tires, that thing would bounce the H**L out of me!!! It cut like crap – compared to the TORO’s I’ve used on the same properties.

    If you can't tell, I'm kind of pi**ed at myself for ever even considering purchasing that mower. Both the mower & the service that I got from Hustler suc**d!!!

    I had more issues (negative) with the mower, but I know you’re probably tired of reading this, I know that I’m tired of typing this.
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    I don't think we are getting the entire story. Why did you talk to Hustler directly? Your dealer should have took care of it for you. Is this a Mini-Z or a Fastrak? You mentioned the bolts holding the floor pan on.....the Fastrak pans are bolted on, the commercial lines are not, they just swing up and are hinged on one end. I have seen quite a few Hustlers that have been beat to death and still run fine. IDK, something just doesn't sound right with your story.
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    I like you already buddy and I don't even know ya! :waving::waving:

    You're gonna have a fun time with all the Fan Boys of Hustler chiming in on this thread. Best of luck.
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    Maybe not. A lot of the Hustler fans are now moving on to the next greatest thing since sliced bread. The Bad boy mowers.
    Ever notice how one brand of mower becomes the darling of the internet crowd, then it drops off the map? When I first came on this site, is was Dixie Chopper that got all the notice. Exmark was next, and they were the best, the talk of the town. They could do no wrong. Next, it was Hustler for three or four years. Now, everyone has moved on to the Bad Boy.
    It must be that "Herd" mentality. Let's see how long the love affair lasts with Bad boy.
    Hey, this reminds me of one of our current candidates for president!!:laugh::laugh::laugh:

  5. sweetz

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    I'm waiting, but I think Hustler has stepped on too many toes around here. Both with their machines falling apart, their crappy dealers or lack their of & their customer service (it's awesome at first, but then.....).
  6. sweetz

    sweetz LawnSite Bronze Member
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    It was a machine that I bought in 2008, a Mini-Z 36" commercial unit. The dealer (the only one in this area) wouldn't even let me demo a Hustler. Not just me, but they told me that the new mowers don't mow grass until they are sold (that should've been my first clue, I should've just said "Thank You" & walked away), so I got in touch with PJ and he made them let me demo a mower. So, that's why I went through Hustler & not my dealer. Plus, when everything was falling apart on this mower, he would just tell me that everything was normal, the paint bubbling, the bolts & nuts falling off, everything NORMAL!!! So, that's when I really started going through Hustler.
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    Sorry to here you had problems, but the 31/66 super z is the most productive best handling mower I have ever owned period. I guess everyone has there own likes and dislikes. That is why so many brands or out there.
  8. MJB

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    When my Hustler is running and when conditions are dry like now it's hard to beat. I actually got it to run for for 2 hrs straight before it broke down after being in the shop for 3 weeks. Thankfully I was able to fix it this time. This yr alone mine has been in the shop for a total of 6 weeks roughly, so yes I love my Hustler too, a minute here a minute there.:laugh: Thankfully my Exmarks keep me in business. As heavy built and tough as the Hustler Super Z looks it will fall apart where you least expect it. I will make a list of things that have broke for you Hustler Super Z guys sometimes if you want, so you can watch for signs and catch it early if possible. From 300 hrs on things start breaking. Keep in mind I baby my equipment and get 3500 hrs minimum on every machine I've owned and don't abuse them at all. So if Hustlers fall apart this easy
  9. CALandscapes

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    After reading/hearing good things about Hustler, I advised a buddy of mind to get a Hustler 36" (I can't remember the model he bought). About the third day of mowing, the hydros went out. He had them replaced. A week or two later, same thing.

    He's had a whole list of other problems with the mower, as well, and finally replaced it with a Scag TC 48" (which is what we run) and has been happy ever since.

    P.S. - The Hustler, about 4 months old, just sits in his shop... (And yes, I do feel bad for suggesting he buy it.. :hammerhead::hammerhead: )
  10. sweetz

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    I searched on this site and every other site like crazy before I bought the 36" Mini-Z & I basically couldn't find anything but good posts about Hustler. As I was driving around town, if I saw someone was using a Hustler, I would stop, pull over & ask them how they liked it, every one of them said that they loved the machines. It wasn't until I had problems with mine that people started coming out of the wood work complaining about all kinds of problems with their Hustlers & the customer service at Hustler.

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