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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Chicagolawnguy, Mar 12, 2018.

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    Hello everyone,
    My name is Carlos, I've been trolling on this site and snow site for a bit now and just wanted to introduce myself and possibly get helpful advice/tips and meet new people. I've have about 16 yrs of landscaping experience. Started landscaping with my dad on the weekends when I was 9. He grew his operation and I gained more knowledge and my role in the company changed. I started to handle all accounts and sales aka office work. After some years I decided I needed to learn more about how to run a successful business so I left the family business and worked for big and small landscape firms. I learned everything I wanted and now this season I will be starting my own lawn care and landscape maintenance company and eventually buying out my dad's company which has downsized since I left. I have started by offering my fertilizing program to my dads faithfull clients. Then plan on doing door hangers on any neighbors of clients I pick up. I want to grow at a manageable rate so I can take care of office and field work by myself in my first season in a half. So im here for any tips/advice and more knowledge I can't get from any of you big successful guys. Thanks!!!
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    What area of Chicago do you service?

    What services do you offer?
  3. OP

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    Ill be servicing the N.w. suburbs and right now I'm offering lawn care and landscape maintenance. I have a 7step fert program ill start with and go from there with any add on services they want/need.
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    I'm glad you found Lawnsite as there are so many helpful people on here. You can also use the search tool to find forums about various subjects as you have questions. As far as door hangers go, I would love to help you out with those when you are ready. We are a family owned & operated business for over 18 years and we offer one on one customer service and great prices for even small quantities to help you keep control of your budget. For example - 500 of our smaller 8.75x3.75 door hanger band-it style, full color are $63 / 1,000 $88 or our 4.25x11 size 500 $77, 1,000 for $99. You can use our design online feature or our designer can help you by creating a custom design for you for only $60.

    Please reach out to me if I can help - you can call or email me or Glenda directly. Thank you & may this 2018 season be a successful one! ~ Robin - (866) 778-4254
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    Definitely do the door hangars over flyers. First year I made the switch and have noticed much better results. Don’t know if it’s cause they look more professional, or because they don’t blow away but still worth it!
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    Yep definitely doing hangers, they look so much better/professional. So to start of with I will be push spreading all my material and maybe get a battery backpack sprayer or if I have the funds invest in a permagreen. Would it be a good idea to finance a machine??

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