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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by JamesGarfield, Apr 7, 2004.

  1. JamesGarfield

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    The place I got here in Seguin used to belong to the local animal doc, and this pasture was where he kept some horses. Hasn't been any horses here for a over a year, and the grass is starting to grow back. Actually it's a mixture of St. Augustine grass and wild clover, but it sure mows nice. It won't be this pretty for long though, because the clover will die off pretty soon when summer gets underway. This pasture gets no irrigation except by rain, and maybe whatever fertilizer I have left over at season's end. I'm always amazed by how nice it looks for how little care it gets. I mow this with a 22" push mower, just for exercise to keep the legs in shape (and yes it does!).
  2. JamesGarfield

    JamesGarfield LawnSite Member
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    Hmm, seeing if it will post the picture, bear with me :).

  3. JamesGarfield

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    Well, it worked that time, go figure. Thought I'd toss in a couple of others. These are just the inner front lawn areas, mostly carpet grass and St. Augustine. It's early spring, the trees in these pics haven't leafed up yet, but the grass got an early jump on the growth.

  4. JamesGarfield

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    And lastly, the side yard, next to the garage. Yep, A/C in the garage - who wants to work on mowers in Central TX summer heat :).

  5. rvsuper

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    You use a 21" mower for that whole big area?
  6. hontor

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    you must start mowing at 6 a.m. and finish in time for dinner!
  7. JamesGarfield

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    >You must start at 6am and be done in time for dinner!<

    Pretty close! The truck was down for a couple of days in the shop for a clutch job, so I was kinda stuck at home. Decided to make the best of a situation, and see just what I could do, given enough time. Put a tank of gas in the W/B, a couple of Icehouses in the Camelback backpack, some 'appropriately uplifting' tunes on the Diskman, and took off. 4 hours later, I'd refilled the tank 3 times, the Camelback at least a couple :), and the pasture was done. It's safe to say this isn't something I'd wanna do every day... sure makes ya appreciate having a rider!
  8. Eric 1

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    I cant believe you used a 21'' for all that.Were you drunk or are you just that dumb...i mean bored.:eek:
  9. FrankenScagMachines

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    I think he mentioned beverages, and boredom LOL.
  10. j_loppy

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    Three words for that....RUN! FOREST RUN!

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