my passenger side window vandilized

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by fromTEXAS!, May 21, 2005.

  1. fromTEXAS!

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    well today this afternoon i went to mow two acounts thats connected on the same street side by side i went to mow the first closer to me then continued to the other finished mowing went to my truck got the edger finished edging got the trimmer did the front first then worked my way back to trim backyard and as i was walking out toward my truck the window was totally shattered like glass candy! i had a gut feeling it had to be the neighbor who just left the scene as i was going toward the truck then went over to another nieghbor across the street asked if she saw anything suspisious said no. she came over to help me out the guy with the truck came back after 30 min. i told him my right side window was shattered. He calmly acted like nothing happened and said how weird it must be due to the heat with your trucks cold airconditioner running making the inside cooler and outside hot thus expanded and bust. do you believe this ballony? any mysterious thoughts to this? theres no suspect at this time so i can not just blame on him or anyone yet.
  2. Jason Rose

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    Maybe a rock that YOU kicked up with the mower, edger, or trimmer??? It happens. I knocked out a window on my topper on my '82 chevy in my parents driveway with the trimmer. Only window I have ever broken too *knock on wood*

    I was looking at the staind glass windows on the front on a new account I got this year as I was trimming there, thought "man, if there's ever a window I wouldn't want to pay for, these are it" (there are like 4 there)
  3. Pro-Scapes

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    I did that bout a month ago. Nailed the extended cab window. $190.00. Good thing it was mine.

    I came out front and looked in amazement as my window was all inside the back seat and on the driveway(rock and recycled asphalt) and was like wow what the freak happened.

    Sure enough found a rock in backseat and I had just been trimming near there 2 hrs earlier. Thoes things can really zing some stones. Be careful. FYI I was using the trimmer as an adger on our brick walkway at the time.

    Sounds like a rock to me
  4. Todd's lawncare

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    Seeing where you live it might have been the heat that can do that . I once went to push a glass jar out of the way and touched with a stick and It blew up on me so and it was in the heat for a while . And one of my buddies had a car window shader from the heat but they also had just shut the door so. But it might have been a rock or some thing .
  5. sheshovel

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    If it was a rock you will be able to tell where it hit will look different than the rest of the shatter and the shatter will radiate out from it.Same with anything that hits a window,hammer,rock,fist ect.the shatter will radiate out in all directions from the blow.
  6. Todd's lawncare

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    Only if it all stays there . And in that window unless it had tint on it probably fell out
  7. Eho

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    Did you call the police to report this incident...maybe they can question these ppl and they will figure it out
  8. mosmgras

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    I'd been mowin about 3 years when I claimed my first windshield. Good news was: it was my windshield, bad news was: it was my windshield. Seriously though, I picked up a piece of scrap wood or something and affixed it at high speed to my truck windshield. Well, at least it was my truck instead of someone elses and most important, no one got hurt.
  9. SproulsLawnCare

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    I had a similar experience with a screen door window when I was living in Colorado. I was out talking to the neighbors across the street when we head a muffled boom. We didn't see anything happening so we went on. When I returned to the house, the glass was shattered into tiny little pieces because of the heat. I would likely say that in this case, it would be more likely to be a rock. There is a lot of room for expansion of the glass in autos.

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