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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by lurch, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. lurch

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    i'm not liscened to apply fertilizer so i do not do it....but i can apply it to my own lawn so i have a question...

    what is the best way to get rid of crabgrass?
    what is the best way to get that good turf?

    i'm in DFW, Tx and i have Bermuda....

    any input is greatly appreciative
  2. indyturf

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    you have to use a pre-emergent before the crabgrass germinates, I think in your part of the country you need a couple apps in the spring and maybe even one in the fall.
  3. lurch

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    so what you're saying is that it is to late to get rid of the lawn has little sprouts all over the place and its annoying pulling it all up only to have new stuff up the next morning...
  4. Runner

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  5. HayBay

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    there are products that can be effective against crabgrass at the pre emergence stage like Dimension and ones that are effective at the 3 to 4 tiller stage like Acclaim Super.

    As for Bermuda I dunno... Check the label, We have Kentucky Blue and Ryes here.

    They are about $400 per gallon FYI. Make sure the gallon does not freeze over winter.
  6. FdLLawnMan

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    I am not sure if it works on Bermuda but for any Crabgrass that sprouts on mu cool season lawns I use Drive75. It works great. Check out the label to see if you can use it on your grass.

    Mike I
    Mike's Total Lawn Care
  7. mow2nd

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    Just spray the yard with Round up and put down some Lesco Pre M from Home Depot. Don't worry as long as ur bermuda is still dormant you can't kill it

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