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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Wilson Edge, Feb 16, 2008.

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    So i dont know if any of you remember me bidding on that large H.O.A. Well they haven't gotten back to me yet because they are waiting on a couple more bids. Im 99% sure that i will get the job but im not going to take any action untill im sure. any way if i get it here is what i plan on Purchasing new equipment wise (seing that the bid is around $36,000)
    New Truck: Chevy 4X4 14,000 miles 1/2 ton $11,000
    Walker/Exmark Navigator: Still cant decide i just checked out the navigator today and it seems like a beefier machine but its a little expensive.
    New Trailer: Im thinking a 16'
    Sthle stick edger and weedwacker
    Toro 21" Push,

    I already have,
    Echo Weed Wacker
    Mclane Walk Behind Edger
    Exmard 36" walk behind (hydro with sulky)
    Great Dane 52" ztr stand on
    Toro personal pace 21" (Almost Dead)

    Anything else I should buy. And what should i do to follow up with the H.O.A. I gave a presentation to the president and he said when he gets all the bids they will all meet and he will have me come and give a presentation to the whole presedencey. Any who thanks for all the help you guys give me....its awsome to have a site like this to get some help from
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    Hmmm, maybe don't put the cart in front of the horse...?
    Or, don't count the chickens before the eggs hatch.

    I mean don't buy stuff just because of that contract, not until after you have the money in the bank (and I mean the money from that contract). It sounds to me like you're excited, and I know from experience excitement is one fast way to make mistakes.

    So I would wait until at least August or September.
    First I'd be sure to have my next winter's money saved, at the absolute least.
    Otherwise what if that contract craps out say mid-June, then what?

    Because like with the chickens, even after the eggs hatch I would wait until they're fully grown too.

    DLAWNS LawnSite Fanatic
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    I think you have the right idea waiting to make the purchases after you get the account. The purchases sound good to me. You'll have a pretty serious setup.
  4. Currier

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    just a word of caution. Sometimes things may seem to be going real well with an account and then can just instantly switch. Even if you are doing a great job some board members may be seeing what isn't being done and choose to focus on the negative.

    That doesn't mean you don't try. It just means like the other posters above said, proceede with caution: Innocent as doves and sly as foxes.
  5. kpetzold

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    like every one else said , good idea but , are u sure u get the money when u get the contract , the hoa contract i do i get paid per cutting . just check , and since your new to busi do like i did get good used commercial equip, and put some of the money in the bank to keep as feed for your busi when needed . good luck karl

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