My pond is leaking.....

Discussion in 'Water Features' started by Niagara Falls, Sep 2, 2011.

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    I was trying to maneuver a piece of driftwood, so I thought I will get right in and do it. Well with all the algae covering the rocks at the bottom, I slipped and I thing I must have either pushed the sharp edge of a rock through the bottom, or pushed a rock against where I had joined it and maybe separated the 2 pieces.

    I love all this that I've gone through since last spring...LOL:rolleyes:
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    It takes a lot more force than most people think to punch or tear a hole in 45 mil EPDM. It could be that the seaming that you did is losing its integrity. This is a common problem if utmost attention is not paid to surface preparation prior to seaming and applying the proper amount of pressure to the seamed area after seaming. If a seam's integrity is questionable, it only takes the slightest lateral stress to lose adhesion.

    There is only one sure way to remedy this problem and you already know what that is.

    Sorry, my friend.
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    I'm a grown man but I think I would shed a tear if my pond started leaking. Good luck
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