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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by bigw, Feb 26, 2008.

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    As you guys know i had 10,000 post cards made and i mailed them this past saturday and so far my phone has been ringing off the wall, i havent closed all the calls but id say im probably at about 85% right now and that is with very good price's and NO low balling at all.
    What i find the most interesting is how for the past few months i stressed about pricing and would i be competitive and would i have to low ball just to get started.
    Well what i found out is it dont matter what all you guys charge for a 1/4 acre or what other LCO'S in my neighborhood charge,i found out that a 1/4 acre could be 35$ or it could be 60$ it just depends on that gut feeling that you get while talking to your customer.
    What one customer thinks is high another thinks its great,i have lawns of the same size's but totally different price's and they are all very happy with the price and thats the bottom line!
    I think too many people { i was guilty myself } tend to worry so much about losing the deal that they give away their service's just to close the deal.
    I say this to all new guys the next time you go to bid a job dont think about others price's,go to the house be confindent and professional take the price you had in your head when you pulled up and saw the property and then raise it 5-10 dollors and then say Dam i cant believe i just closed that deal at that price!!
    It will happen but remember act professional and actually say some things that might actually " WOW " your customers even if its something little like talking about mowing heights or the benifits of mulching or whatever,they are looking to you for opinions and advice because they think you are the professional so let them see that you really are.
    Remember they can get any kid on the block to mow their lawn for 10 bucks but they called you so dont be afraid to quote a strong price and the worst thing that can happen is they say its too high and then you can say something like this.." Mr Smith i totally understand how you feel i am on a tight budget myself and to be honest with you i would love to earn your business and also get into this neighborhood so what would it take to earn your business today ? "
    At this point he will give you his price and lets say your price was 50$ and he says i was thinking 40,now you say ill tell you what how about we split the difference and call it 45$ can consider it a done deal because you will close this customer.
    Trust me guys i have been a salesman for years and nothing closes a deal quicker then when you make the customer think that you feel his pain or that you have sympathy for his concerns. Dont be all about yourself or your company build raport and talk about him and his family or if you see a boat in his drive way become a fisherman,my point is find something in common with your customer and you should close atleast 75% of all your deals. If you dont then you are only selling your products or your business and you are not selling yourself first!! Ok THATS MY SALES LESSON FOR TODAY...LOL
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    Glad to hear it's going well, bigw, but if these customers aren't very spread out... and they compare prices... well, it's a potential can of worms. As much as I don't like lowballing, I think being overpriced has it's pitfalls too. When you get future referrals, you will have to double check who recommended you, and make sure your price is at least in the ballpark of what the referring customer is paying.

    I do vary my estimates, but I keep them within 20% of each other. That way, I can always find a way to explain the difference. Try that with a price that might be doubled.... just something you might want to give some more thought to.
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    So what do you say to the people who say "Let me talk to my husband" or "let me think about it". Seems like I cant just openly say,"what is there to think about????"

    Side note: Congradulations on your business! Glad to see everything is working out for you.
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    Would like to know what your stats are for your mailer? How many total calls?
  5. bigw

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    I fully understand your point and dont get me wrong my prices are not that far apart and i seriously am not worried about my customers comparing their prices with some guy 3 miles away, any customers in the same neiborhood would be very competive priced.
    Even if someone did compare their price i am good enough at sales to justify why their 1/4 acre is 40 and the other was 30..their is always things like " hills , surface area , fenced gates , trees to mow around, more or less weed trimming, more or less edging , i could go on and on. I mean come on that should be so easy to overcome if one of your customers ever says why is joe blows lawn cheaper then mine? I mean if someone cant overcome a simple objection like that then they need to go to sales 101 classes!! This is a service not a product, do you think any 2 plumbers would be within 20$ of each way! I have absolutely no worries at all about this ever happening to me and if it does i will handle it with ease and then proceed to sell them a fall cleanup before i leave.
  6. Raven386

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    congrats on expanding your business this year bigw! :clapping:
  7. bigw

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    well i closed 3 more deals today so as of right now from my mailers i have gotten 18 phone calls and have closed 15 deals but i have 2 estimates tomorrow morning that i have not gone to yet so that # could get better or worse.
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    people are going to get sick of seeing vintage lawn care promos... but thats always a good thing, the more they see it the more they will remember it.
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    I never said say { what is their to think about.}..that would be rude and stupid and surely lose you the deal. I have had that happen just yesterday and millions of times in the car business.
    I will give you some advice, when a person says i have to talk to my wife or my husband it is because you have not made the benifits of your company out weigh the price and thats the truth, that is nothing more then an objection to price because you didnt convince them that what they were paying for was worth the price you quoted and more then likely you will never hear from them again.
    I would simply say something like this and it wont work all the time but it will work alot of the time and if it dont then nothing would change their mind anyway and then you just move on.... " John i understand you'd like to talk to you wife first i mean my wife is the same way but i am really looking to get into this neighborhood so why dont you tell me what you would consider a fair price and ill be totally honest with you if i can do it i will and if not then thats fine too." Now at this point you just put the ball in his court,he feels he has all control and he shoots you a number,now he will come in somewhere close enough to your price that you can do one of 2 things..1 say thats fine or 2 bump him 5 bucks and close the deal. See the customer always wants to feel like he has won so you have to make him feel like he did.
    Think about all the times you ever went and bought something and you left feeling like you just made a great deal,well guess what no you didnt you just felt like you did and that is sales!!
  10. EJD Lawnpride

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    So how many customers do you have now?

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