My problems with the Turf Tracer

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MikeKle, Jun 2, 2008.

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    Since I am on the subject of the ECS handles hurting my hands,I got to thinking about all the other sub-par things I have noticed about my turf tracer HP, not many grease fittings,I only counted 7 and 4 are dedicated to the front castor wheels and forks.and I just found out you cannot tighten the tension on the blade belt,you have to just buy a new one at $60!,the lack of any type of hydro pump cooling.and this is stumping me,lately when Im mowing sometimes the middle blade doesnt cut!? I dont know how this is even possible,but no joke,after completing a row the middle of it will be un-cut!It only does this occasionally,I thought maybe the blade bolt might be too tight,but it was not and it still should cut even if it was!My friend bought a Ferris with 23hp and 61" deck,it has grease fittings all over,including the spindles,its controls are very comfortable and it has little fans to cool the pumps,how cool is that?I am definitely buying this model next time around.
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    Older cars used to have grease fittings all over them. They didn't last as many miles/hours as the new ones that have no grease fitting.

    The difference is the type of bearings. Sealed tapered bearings last a very long time without the need for grease.

    As for your center blade, It has to be belt tension. How many hours are on that belt? We have about 200 on ours and it is still good.
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    A belt with no way to adjust the tension? Must be a modern marvel. I'd have to see that one. If true, I wouldn't want one either. Tony
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    I can't even immagine why the ECS controls would be hurting your hands......

    Are the controls not adjusted correctly so that they are too far down when the drive is engaged?

    I believe on the hp, you are right, the deck belt is spring loaded and you can't adjust the tension. That is because there is a smaller jackshaft belt that goes from the motor to the jackshaft that actually engages the belt. It's a 5/8's belt and it does have tension adjustment. This is so you can buy a 20 dollar belt and not a 60. Those 60 dollar deck belts only go if something gets stuck in it like a stick or something.

    As far as the grease fittings, exmark started uses sealed grease spindles and sealed idlers a few years back. The reason? Because guys weren't greasing them like they should and there was a ton of warranty claims for stuck idler arms/failed belts, and failed spindles. Went to the sealed units......eliminated the issue. Many manufacturers have done this and it's actually more expensive to build this way, so it's not a short cut.

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