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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by jsaunders, May 17, 2007.

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    Here are the details:
    18,000 sqft
    3'' of loam added to exsting lawn (bad)-180 yrds/ prep/regrade
    60 yrds fill
    2 days excvation-move large rocks(make a quick retaining wall leasen slope) stump and smooth some areas
    300' of new edging with 2' of 3/4 rock around houses drip line.
    Plant a couple of trees supplied by customer
    The access is not very good for this yard and the drive way is 300' at almost 45* very steep.

    My price $15,780- 17,580

    Please give me your thoughts- I will tell later what the customer told me.
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    45 Degree Driveways Are Steep.

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  3. jsaunders

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    Do you think the price is inline?
    The guy was quoted $8-9K by 2 other companies. I can't believe they are working for so cheap- Or what they are NOT going to do/ or corners cut along the way.

    The loam is $4500 by itself delivered:dizzy:

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