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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Green Dreams, Feb 24, 2005.

  1. Green Dreams

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    I am doing some things. I thought I'd offer up some progress....

    TV Spot On Local Cable- Its showing and I've gotten a few calls off of it. Not what I'd call quality leads, but I just want it to get my name out in our community.

    Donations- I have donated some treatments to the local schools and a conservation group's auction. These will get me goodwill and kharma I hope. I'll be in their programs.

    Mailings- I know my 500 card mailer wasn't huge. Someone even said it was a waste of time. Its gotten me 12 more customers so far. When you are small like me, thats nice. And they're still trickling in.

    Radio- One of my customers is a local Outdoors Writer and radio host. He wrote a piece about Fire Ants. He wrote the only way to get rid of them was to treat the mounds individually and get your neighbors to do the same. Now I have left info on my ant program. So I called him up (I guess I need better literature) and told him I would fix him up for some on air love. Of course, he was all over that. We talked a bit about paid ads, but I can't cover the whole city. So.... I went to my local rep from a chem company that mfgs fire ant control. Presented all of this and said "sure do wish we could advertise there."
    Guess what? My ad starts Saturday for 6 weeks and they are picking up the tab! SHHHweet! So I worked to make the ad come out to where I am the good guy. Instead of pulling a MegaCo and trying to steer 100% to myself by deception, its going to read "Contact your lawn care professional or if you are on the westside of town you can call my guys, _______ at ___ ___ ____ or at" So I'll be the only name mentioned, but not like "I'm the only one doing this"

    My Google Ad- Its still bringing them in too. They come in at about 4 - 8 a week. I am up to about $35 spent total on this one.

    I know this is small time for some of you and thats cool. I hope I can laugh too someday. But for a one man band....its going the right way.
  2. tonygreek

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    seems like you're doing all the right things. be sure to keep a file of some form on response rates and then figure out subsequent ROI on each form of advertising you are doing.

    your postcard success is great. the one thing people seem to forget when asking for people's response rate is the relevance of their strategy to another's. my mailings do very well, but they are also highly targeted through specific blocks and zip+4). also, i always have my pocket pc with me to take voice memos of prospective addresses as i drive. once every week or two, i'll put them into my mailing list, so i rarely ever do an all-out blanket of a suburb through the mail.

    also great to see that the google ads are working out for you.

    best of luck and keep us posted!
  3. Team Gopher

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    Hi Green Dreams,

    Thanks for giving us some insight. Good work on making these things happen. Very impressive on your Google ad as well!
  4. The landscaper

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    What are the google ads?
  5. turfsurfer

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    Nice job Tex. That's a really good response rate for the postcards. I finally bit the bullet and paid a little to get my website listed first on yahoo and google (I'm even above you for my own name now, Whooo). Within 1 day had 3 estimate requests, so I hope that keeps up. It also helped that the big green and scotts have been making their 1st rounds right before a couple inches of snow hit. I'm thinking that radio spot should pay off for you also.
    People assume (rightly so) that radio ads are expensive so it gives the impression you're a good sized company.

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