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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Stevegotcrabgrass, Mar 5, 2010.

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    Bid on a Large spring clean up. The area is just under 2 acres. On the two acres sits a house of approximately 2k sq/ft and a detached 2 car garage. The property backs up to water. There was a ton of leaves from neglect. The property was over grown...They wanted leaves REMOVED. They also had about 1k sq/ft ivy they wanted removed. My Costs are as follows:
    Labor: 600
    Bobcat: 300 (includes dumping of the ivy)
    Leaf removal 250
    Fuel 50
    Total cost $1200. There would be my 4 guys (labor above) Bobcat operator and I sub my leaf collection (I do not have a leaf vac and this job is too big to bag or tarp and truck)

    So cost is $1200. Would take a full day to complete. What would you charge? You know my cost. Obviously this is not taking into account insurance, taxes etc. I am giving you my DIRECT VARIABLE cost. Not fixed cost which would be incurred if I take this job or not.

    What would you is A LOT of work...
  2. Stevegotcrabgrass

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    Forgot to mention my bid was $2400. It is below the margin I like to operate at normally but the size of the job warranted a lower gross margin percentage.
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    I think I would have got a true 100% markup by having my overhead included but it really would depend on if the customer would be willing to pay that much. Some people want the hanging gardens for just a couple bucks and done last week.
  4. Stevegotcrabgrass

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    This was a residential job. I did NOT give them a break out of my expenses. I just quoted them a number. Since material is not being PUT DOWN, I gave a price for the amount of work, a bobcat and disposal. One lump sum..

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