My Recreating Truck...

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by mexiking, Mar 19, 2006.

  1. Flow Control

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    Not my cup of tea but anyone that takes pride in what they own gets my repect. Fairway I got what you are saying I am familar with where you are from.
  2. lowdakboy98

    lowdakboy98 LawnSite Member
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    mexiking - don't worry about what everyone is saying about your ride. They're all just jealous because you got a nice whip on some sick rims! Keep on pimpin bro.
  3. Idealtim

    Idealtim LawnSite Senior Member
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    I like tvs, i like dubs, i like subs, but i dont like this one for some reason.

    NIXRAY LawnSite Senior Member
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    *ridin-spinners, Don't Stop Riddin' Spinners* Lol
  5. iluvscag

    iluvscag LawnSite Senior Member
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    Now you could bring new meaning to the term Low-Baller.
  6. RedWingsDet

    RedWingsDet LawnSite Gold Member
    from Detroit
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    lol i havent heard that song in soooooo long.....

    put the pedal to the metal and stop.... errrrt... im ridin spinners.

    lol if i had spinners that is the only song i would listen to. lol
  7. K c m

    K c m LawnSite Bronze Member
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    :hammerhead: hahaha. Just kidding! that rikkkkkkkkkkkkkks
  8. TheKingNJ

    TheKingNJ LawnSite Senior Member
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    It is things like that that ruin new jersey.
  9. firelwn

    firelwn LawnSite Member
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    nice ride not my style though.
  10. mexiking

    mexiking LawnSite Senior Member
    from NJ
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    how does having BIG rims ruin new jersey? Dumb 4$$

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