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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mowerman90, May 19, 2003.

  1. mowerman90

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    As promised, after having my new 61" 25HP Kawi Sentar since last Wednesday, I'm ready to report what I think of it. I specifically waited till today because I had a Quadplex to mow that had a very steep (35 - 40 degrees) retention area that I was sure would test the ability of the Sentar to negotiate hills. It does extremely well as far as I'm concerned except for one area. That is, climbing straight up the hillside, stopping and trying to start out again. When I tried that it started to bring the front wheels off the ground. It did not spin the tires while trying this. Other than that the thing stuck like glue to the hillside while going diagonally or straight downhill. No, it did not loose traction going downhill but I was traveling rather slowly at the time. While traveling diagonally I stood up and shifted my weight toward the high side of the hill. I don't know if it helped but it made me feel safer that way. Here in Central Florida we mulch instead of discharge so I had my dealer install a mulch kit on it. The factory mulch kit is only a blockoff plate but my dealer fabricated a kit that included front baffles and it works very well. So well, in fact, that a yard cut with it cannot be told from one that was bagged. I feel that once a person gets used to the controls and the sitting/standing riding position it will be a very productive machine. It's very fast, has the ability to make quick turns without producing divots, and provides a quality of cut equal to or better than Exmarks, Dixies, Toros etc. IMHO
  2. Planet Landscaping

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    Got my 2361 stander in . It aint no lazer. But 1/2 the price and it Cut 80% the grass.It will take some getting use too. Then i will report.
  3. Scraper

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    I too bought a 2003 model 2561 Sentar. Can't say enough about it's qualities. Have yet to find anything I seriously dislike. Only complaint may be the sensitivity of the foot controlled motor cut-off when blades are engaged. However, loosening the spring tension seems to have helped. As for quality of cut...phenomenal! This unit stripes as well as my Scag WB with the ProSlide. Hill hugging capabilities are awesome. Have been using for over a month now and feel ever more confident with its abilities each week. Overall view....Best Buy.
  4. thartz

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    Did you try scooting way up on the seat?this helped me climb a seriously steep hill.I also started at the bottom of the hill and worked my way up;these things are like billygoats they seem to hold about anywhere.
  5. thartz

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    scraper;where is the spring tensioner located?That's my only beef;this thing will cut off if I slightly lift my foot.Did any of you have to adjust your speed setting?mine was set at 80% from the factory but when I set it at 100% I accidently popped a wheelie.Pretty quick
  6. Scraper

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    The spring is on the right above your foot. When you step on the plate you will see a bar activating a cut-off switch. Just loosen the spring tensioner.
  7. Mowerman90: “I specifically waited till today because I had a Quadplex to mow that had a very steep (35 - 40 degrees) retention area that I was sure would test the ability of the Sentar to negotiate hills.”

    No way bud, not that steep. When you make a statement like that, it makes the rest of your points suspect (if not invalid). Measure that slope with an 8’ straight-edge and a protractor. No conventional mower can operate on a slope that steep. It takes one of those special Hustler’s or something of that nature.
  8. Scraper

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    Lighten up, the guy's excited with his new purchase...this unit can sure hold a slope. Not that I'd feel comfortable doing so. Not to mention everything else awesome about this unit.

    Maybe you can learn some more physics...

    If I do bashed the Wright products in earlier I guess your response could be considered invalid. BTW...have you demoed the new 2003 model? You might be surprised with what you find.
  9. thartz

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    scraper;thanks I found it right after I wrote that.As far as the hill thing goes that is the reason I bought the sentar.I used a friends Z for about a week.Slid off the front hill of my own home and almost got nailed by a passing car in front of my kid;scared the **** out of both of us.I took the sentar across the exact same hill and turned on it and started the other way with no problems.I guarentee it is steeper than 45 degrees.
  10. wissel_landscaping

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    I've had my stander for 2 1/2 years and my sentar for about 1 year. i have been useing walkers for 7 years and out of all the mowers i used walker was the best for me then i demo'ed the stander it took awhile to get used to but i havnt encoutered a hill i cant hang on or climb. then i demo'ed the sentar the best mower i ever used i cant say enough about it its just awesome.
    i have 2 scag turf tigers
    1 scag tiger cub
    1 36 scag hydro w/b
    1 52 scag hydro w/b
    4 walkers
    1 wright stander
    1 wright sentar

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