My review of the 30" exmark

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by CollegeMowers, Sep 2, 2013.

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    Glad to see this thread come back, I will likely be picking one up this spring.
  2. Kurt6845

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    I had a 32" Metro for getting into the backyards on my small properties with 36" gates. I found that with the grass catcher, it took a lot of time to put it on/off when transiting thru gates, and to leave it off cost even more time b/c it blew grass everywhere. I finally bit the bullet and traded it at my dealer for a 30" and a brand new BR600. Couldn't be happier! The 30" cuts great and no more putting the grass catcher on/off to go thru the gate and I no longer have to bag yards that don't require it just to prevent blowing grass everywhere (mainly flowerbeds). As far as speed, it is only one "speed" but if you don't pull up all the way on the handle, it will go slower, kind of like a hydro, but not as smooth as a hydro. I also like the bigger wheels, we do mostly St. Augustine grass down here and my 22" Personal Pace just did not move well thru the thick 4" high grass, this handles it no problem. Great machine, would buy another in a heartbeat!
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    I have the turfmaster and couldn't be happier. It I'd get great on leaves this fall. I do have to take it in for a recall but I've got all winter for that.
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    We have had both for most of the year.
    Overall I think the Exmark is the better mower for ease of use and quality of build.
    We have over 900 hours on each and have held up well. Only broke a cable on the turfmaster which happened in the first 100 hours.
    Tires of the turfmaster wear much quicker.
    Other than that the only gripe I have with them is they pack the deck and leave trails of crap laying around, especially when mowing wet grass. Hoping for a higher lift blade to come out.
    Probably going to buy another few in the spring but waiting to see what changes they come out with.
  5. vegandude

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    Hey guy-happy to see you're still around. Do you know if that piece under recall is the blade adaptor or some other washer?:waving:
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    Is your >900 hours from an aftermarket hour meter or an estimate? Not being a smart guy here, just wanting to know where you mounted a meter if you did.

    My biggest concern at the inception of these 30s was the timed-blades...and that seems to practically be a non-issue. I'd have to say that in retrospect that these 30s have proven themselves to a favorable degree. While they might not be 300-500lb+ commercial quality units, they sound like they fill a niche quite well. If I were to ever bag clippings, a 30 would be high on my list.
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    Conservative estimate. Figure they run 5 hours in a 8-9 hour day for 5 days a week. We average 42 weeks a year, actually more like 44. So 5x5x42 is 1050. We mow some weekends also so didn't count that. Took a few hours off for holidays. Figure 900 but even at 800 still a lot.
    I have tried the aftermarket hour meters and they always quit working after about a year. Figured it was worthless and just guesstimate time on machines.
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    Hey vegandude. Yeah we went straight from leaves into snow removal here. Anyways. I think it's some other washer on the spindle itself. I took the t30 and comm toro in today and they said they'd have it back to me tommoroh. I said that's ok, I won't need them till march.
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    We finished our year at the end of November. Here is my final thoughts on the three 30 inch exmarks we used this year as our main lawn mowers. They cut great. There was no problem with our wheels. The timed blades I liked. We did not have any problems with rutting. I loved how you can switch from bagging, mulching, and blowing. Easy to use and teach employees to use. Use on hills was not good. We took hills side to side. Maintenance was easy. It does not use much gas. We had tranny problems in the spring, but that problem was fixed. We also broke one cable, but that was fixed. I was surprised how well it did with mulching leaves. The machines did great getting rid of leaves. There was plenty of power to get through good amounts of leaves. I loved the mowers for half acre lawns and down. I would highly recommend them to any one.
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    Aaah just got a letter from Exmark , their is a recall on the 30" My dealer also called me and asked me to bring it in so he can fix the problem. Dont know the exact problem but it has to do with a washer that warps and snaps and causes a bkade to fly off? Idk just hope it gets fixed fast.

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