My SCAG Tiget cub burst into FLAMES!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by kb9nvh, May 24, 2009.

  1. kb9nvh

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    Model STC48V-19KAI serial C1602194 bought in 2006.
    Today after about 30 minutes of mowing my SCAG tiger cub smelled like gasoline for a second, died 10 seconds later and then, after about 30 more seconds BURST into FLAMES and burned to the ground. This was used for my yard and had very low hours.
    Here's some pictures
    Doesn't look like I"m in the what the heck!!
    You dont know how it feels to watch helplessly as your 6 thousand dollar mower burns to the ground before your eyes..Water just made the flames worse (the fire department was spraying it). Must have lost a fuel line I guess somehow and had raw gas feeding the flames... dont know what sparked it since the muffler is on the back and the flames were, well, I guess everywhere on the engine...but seemed like a lot of flames between the engine and the seat.

    Anyone have any recommendations besides call SCAG, my dealer, my insurance company (wonder if they will pay this much money for a mower)??
  2. fastcat

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    dont buy another scag for starters. man that sucks. glad you wernt hurt well except for your pocket. maybe i need to keep a fire extinguisher with me.

    IRRITECH LawnSite Senior Member
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    Sorry man, I don't know what else to say. Homeowners insurance may cover it, you'll have to call and ask. Let us know what happens.
  4. fastcat

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    home insurance would only cover it if he has added it to be covered or if it was stolen out of his garage or if the house burnt down and took the mower with it. hopefully i am wrong for you sake. scag should step up and look into the situation and hopefully restore the mower or give you a new one.
  5. Mowingman

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    Call the Scag factory directly on Tues. They will be very interested I am sure. Let your dealer know about it also. Sounds like something the factory will want to take care of, to avoid a possible lawsuit.
    If you get any indication that Sacg is just going to blow you off, you might want to contact a good local attorney.
  6. Wizz

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    Agreed call Scag! have pictures already and make sure you have lots of them. No way they can blame this on 'operator error.' They owe you (yes, owe you) a new mower no questions asked. You may want to mention to them that it's lucky the seatbelt release didn't jam and take you out along with the mower, that should light a fire under their butts (no pun intended). If they give push-back then just say 'in that case I'll have to contact an attorney as this was potentially a life threatening situation.'
  7. ALC-GregH

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    how many actual hours did it have on it?
  8. nosparkplugs

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    That sucks, I personally would start working two leads for a new replacement Scag, one of course would be Scag, and or the dealer, second your homeowner policy, since the fire happend on your property, and was such a large investment. I would think it would be covered regardless of the mowers "status" on homeowner policy. I know with State Farm anything I own period is covered under my homeowner policy once our $500.00 deductable is meet. Also showing State Farm a invoice from date of purchase is proof of Ownership on my policy. Of cource multiple high dollar claims gets you cancled too with State Farm, and many other insurance companies too. Folks do burn property for the insurance money easy, fast money & quick claim to file with a good insurance company. Not to say your burnt your Scag for money, but it should be no headache to get a new Scag under a good homeowner insurance policy.

    Finding a cause might be tough, air cooled V-twins run Hot, any debris build up is a fire hazzard, I would not jump down Scags neck, and start blaming them for the fire either.
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    STIHL GUY LawnSite Fanatic
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    wow i would hate to have that happen. hopefully you can get another one from the company or get some money
  10. puppypaws

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    This post covers realities of the circumstance you are in at this time. Unless you had the mower insured separately as written in your policy, it is not covered. I certainly am sorry about your loss; but am afraid it will not get worked out the way you would like to see.

    Scag is going to be hard to deal with, they will not want to replace the mower by saying, this is not something we have problems with. Your mower burned for a reason not caused by any negligence on our part. For all we recognize you burned the machine yourself in attempt to get a new mower for a motive only you would know.

    I'm sorry, but this is what their attorney will tell you. I am afraid you are out the amount of money paid for this mower. When you pursue your options, please come back and tell use what took place.

    Had the fire started in your carport or garage, you hooked something to the mower and pulled it outside, then told the insurance company these facts, they would cover the cost. This is covered under your homeowners insurance, minus the deductible. This is the reason they want you to list everything you have of value that they feel may require insurance to show you the price of coverage. Which I would say on a $6000.00 mower would be in the $75.00 range per year, just guessing. I personally have my Honda 4-wheeler covered just in case of thief, but there is always a chance of anything burning.

    My nephew had a 4840 John Deere tractor (180 hp) in excellent condition burn about a month ago. I asked him how much insurance he had on the tractor and he told me $20,000.00. He then told me he ordered a new JD 8330 with 225 hp that cost $181,000.00, I said, "$181,000.00 don't go into $20,000.00 very well. I try and always get replacement cost insurance on everything I can.
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