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    I've got my second estimate for a customer who would like me to mow his lawn for a month. It's a corner lot with a big fence around 1/2 the lawn. How much extra do you charge for a fence? I'm thinking my standard res. home price is $35-40 and I'm thinking at least another $10-15 for the fence. I've got a 36 walk behind mower with a sulky so I'm not concerned about the mower part, but I don't want to just go $35 and spend 30 minutes trimming all around this fence. I'm a one many show and this is my first fence. Am I on track here or out of line? I'm heading over later today to give him an estimate.
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    Why should it take 30mins to trim along a fence?
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    Ok..maybe not 30 minutes, but at least 15 minutes of good trimming...
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    95% of my lawns have fences and I can guarantee you it won't take you 30 minutes, not for a fence on a $35 lawn. I can't imagine that taking even 15 minutes. Its only for a month anyway. Charge $5 extra and see how long it takes. If its not enough, you only have 3 more cuts anyway and you learned how much you need to charge for a fence.

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    Thanks...good points..

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