My Seeding Plan Massachusetts Opinions Needed

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by DieselMDX, Apr 30, 2013.

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    I soak it down good the first time and let the irrigation do the rest... I might have to turn on the hose when I'm in the neighborhood if there is no irrigation, but the 2 or 3 times a day is unnecessary in most cases and every other day with deep soakings are generally adequate...

    Since there may be alot of lawn to repair, I was thinking of doing what Riggle did in soaking the seed in water for 72 hours, before sowing... He claimed that it helped, even after the seed was redried after soaking...
    makes sense... :)
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    Well another 6 pounds of 50/50 was put down over the real thin area's and raked into top soil.

    Only problem now is we have been getting HAMMERED with rain I am hoping the seed does not rot out.
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    That was a lie that messed with my ability to start new grass... The seed will ROT!!!

    Once I realized that it was a lie,,, I began to seed all the time and it has NEVER rotted on me once... If seed could rot... how would dormant seeding EVER work...

    Eliminate that lie with extreme prejudice... :)
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    If there is a paragraph relevant to cool season grasses undergoing a typical cold winter or spring, then perhaps we could DISCUSS that particular paragraph...

    but I haven't lost seed to sensible seeding practices due to rot and I doubt that "all this rain" is doing it either...

    Mucky soils perhaps??? Puddled Soils perhaps??? The OP can freak out about educated articles that do not relate to his situation if he wants to... but my suggestion is always to actually understand what is happening and how to manipulate it... :)
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    "Understand" ...... a rather interesting use of that word considering the rather obvious lack of understanding by you.
    But that is OK, there is no harm done by misleading people with incorrect information on a public forum ..... right? Unbelievable! :dizzy:
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    Wrong paragraph,,, but thanks for the e-library cards...
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    sorry for that irrelevant sidebar,,, I'm back on topic now... :)
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    No need to worry about your seed rotting. It's much too early in our season to see Pythium. That typically starts to happen a little later in the season for us up here. I think you'll be perfectly fine. Let us know how it's progressing.
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    High quality seeds are treated with fungicides nowadays, which means seed rot is not a big issue anymore. Damping off occurs after germination, and should not be confused with seed rot.

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