My Seeding Plan Massachusetts Opinions Needed

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by DieselMDX, Apr 30, 2013.

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    Talk about micromanaging and being extreme,,, I bet it does work better... :)
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    How's the lawn coming in? The 50/50 seed that I put down on the front 12 inches of my lawn where the plow took it out is all up and filled in 99%. It's been mowed 4 times already and you'd be hard pressed to tell that I repaired it 5 weeks ago. I hope yours is coming in nicely. Have you followed up with another fertilization yet?
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    grass looks GREAT I am actually going to take the after pics soon to post on here

    I did get another bag of 50/50 and the starter to do some thinner areas but havnt had a chance to put it down with all this rain.

    I have to say I am very happy with the results, I am so thankful for all the responses from this thread.

    I am having some problems with weeds here and there so dartmouth sold me some stuff to kill them but i havnt mixed it up yet.
  4. Hissing Cobra

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    I'm glad you're happy! As for re-seeding, you may want to hold off until the first week in September for a few reasons. The first is the weather. With the impending heat/drought season coming up, there's a good chance that Pythium may attack the new seed that you put down. Also, the new seed will hinder your ability to apply Dimension (if you were going to apply that), thus forcing you to use the Siduron/Tupersan even later into the summer. You'd be surprised at those weak areas, how they will fill in with regular fertilizations.

    As for the weed control, do not mix it any higher than what the label states. "More is NOT better". If there's different rates, I would use the lesser of the rates as the temperatures increase, thus reducing the possible damage to your grass. The weed controls are designed to kill the weeds without damaging your turf, provided you follow the labels and use common sense. The cooler it is, the higher the label rates you can use. The hotter it is, the lower the label rates you can use. If it's over 80 degrees, I wouldn't spray at all because there's too much risk involved.

    Post up some pic's! Hopefully some "Before & After" ones.
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    Great info Pete. What then if there's Pythium? I had it last year and tried Disarm G but came back this year. So I put Heritage this year but it's still spreading. Maybe it's dollar spot. I'm in Rhode Island.
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    Pythium is a whole 'nother beast. Like Dollar Spot, Red Thread, Patch Disease, etc.... It can be controlled by fungicides if caught early enough. Fungicides work better as preventatives than as curatives so properly identifying the disease and noting when it usually comes in every year will give you an approximate time that you should apply it (before it rears it's ugly head).
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    Dan, a lot of the lawns are beginning to have a lot of problems directly associated with the last two week's worth of intense heat and lack of rain. I've been watering every other day (restrictions in my town force me to follow this watering schedule) for an hour per rotary zone and 30 minutes for my mister zone. It's been working pretty good but I'm still showing some areas of browning out. I purposely did not do the 18-0-8 Allectus on July 8th as I did not want the intense heat and the sun's rays to melt the slow release coating on the pellets and therefore release the nitrogen all in one wack. People who did do it have been complaining of burning in their lawns but I've been telling them all when they come in to buy it to NOT do it until things calm down somewhat and we get some rain.

    I hope you've been able to keep yours somewhat happy during this rough time.

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