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    Barrett how much mulch cab you hual on your trucks?
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    Thanks barret, a dump truck would totally be justifiable and has been for years now. I know if we got a larger dump truck I think it would open more doors as well. People are allways calling just to deliver landscape materials, and also hauling gravel, people will pay good money for you to deleiver gravel from the quarry in smaller 6 or 7 tons at at time because the big trucks won't run small delveries to people. Also I eventually will have a full landscape center with all the stone and mulch products we use, and until we get a larger dump or trailor and more bins that idea is a still in the works. I figure I could almost keep 1 guy busy doing trucking alone for our jobs and making deliveries to other people.
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    Anyone ever run the exmark metro. I used it mowing our house today and thought I'd snap a few pics. This is a entry level commercial walk behind thats been around for awhile. What I like about it: the first thing was price. $3100 new with a 2 year warranty for the 48 inch deck. Cut quality is very good, it's a very durable mower for the price. Yes I don't run the best of the best mowers, we mow around 60 accounts, and we don't take anymore mowing, I decided to cap our mowing route to keep taking more landscaping, but I still enjoy and take the mowing seroiusly, so I liked this mower basically because the low cost and the commercial cut. It is a belt driven mower, and it takes alittle getting used to, pistol grip handles, put into drive and it takes off, you have to use your knee mostly to put it into gear when you are mowing because the mower will shut off if you take your hands off the handles. I use this mower personally during mowing days.






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    Byron, I went the dump trailer route when I started out 5 years ago and it was great in that it was cheap to maintain and keep running. The advantage aside from upkeep is that it can haul a lot and the dump height is lower (clearance from trees...) Downsides are if you need another truck, loads get "dragged" out instead of piles up, and some jobs can be tricky to get it parked where you want it. I don't use mine as much as I used to nowadays but I definitely would never get rid of it.

    My F550 can haul 10yds of mulch and the international can hold 20yds. I have always been of the mindset of showing up in one trip with everything that is needed for the job. With the international if that is not feasible all I do is drop the bed on the ground and pick up the other bed which is preloaded with materials/equipment that are needed.
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    Byron I bought a hustler trimstar walk behind, I love it. Might want to check that out a little more expensive though.
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    Congrats yeah that's a nice walk behind, thank might have to someday, how's your season going?
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    Here's a messy landscaping we cleaned up today. Here's some before pics.




  8. 94gt331

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    Here's some after pics from trimming shrubs, removing and spraying the weeds, adding some fabric, edging and about 14 yards black mulch.







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    Here's a few before pics from a property cleanup a new home owner purchased, the yard and landscaping was pretty rough. Here's some before pics.





  10. 94gt331

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    Here's the finished pics, trimmed up forsythia hedges, trimmed up some spirea ans removed brush and mulched, added 10 tons of topsoil and planted front yard and alittle schale for parking.






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